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  1. I found one, looks like stock https://www.ooyyo.com/spain/c=CDA31D7114D2854F111BE56FBAD3355B3CA31D6617F286/-6433789258019617223.html/ Here is the info about shipping and carrier https://movewheels.com/top-6-car-shipping-companies-in-usa/
  2. 2 years ago i was looking for Land Cruiser 70 . And i can safely tell you these cars are more dead than alive. Even if you don`t see the lights on the dashboard, this does not mean that everything is fine with the car, you will not drive even miles as they light up. You can find a good car, but it will take much more than a couple of months. You can use it to search this site or this. It is not difficult to ship a car to the US there is a lot of information about it on the Internet. But registering it is not easy, so I advise you to look for a car in the USA.
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