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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply, and please find hereunder, as requested, my explanation for "the car ran out of control". I was parked in a legally authorised parking lot, just off the main road. When I started the car, it shot out of the parking lot with the speed of an arrow and careered onto the main road, crashing into the traffic barrier. It was impossible to steer the car. I hit the brake pedal to stop the car to prevent it from running onto the main road, but the brake did not work. I engaged the handbrake, but it did not work either. I then tried to reverse the car off the traffic barrier to clear the road to traffic, but it swerved at great speed across the main road, and ended up crashing into a stone wall by the roadside. I was bleedig profusely from my face, suffering from shock, and had to be taken to hospital. How can i ensure that this won't happen again? I am now scared stiff of driving an automatic again. Grateful for your patience and help. Joseph Busuttil jabc4338@gmail.com
  2. My Aygo automatic runs out of control when I start the engine. this happens often but not all the time. Why?
  3. My toyota aygo (automatic, 2019 model) nearly comes to a stop on an uphill climb. It takes too long to accelerate past 20 Kph. How to prevent this?
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