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  1. Thank you, Tony. I will save your suggestion and I will leave an update with what is going to happen. For the moment I am waiting an answer from the dealer to see what the next step will be. I would pay myself for the checks and alignment but somewhere inside I refuse to, because then I have to chase them to pay me back or also, if something is worst, then if I send the car back, will be with an alignment from me and I think that is too generous of me 😅 I will leave updates with what is going to be. Thank for everyone's responses. I am grateful!
  2. Yes, I did notice the camber on the road. Although I am aware of it, I still feel that the car pulls left but unable to make a clear assessment. Sometimes it does harder, which is usually more significant at higher speeds, sometimes just a little and sometimes almost not at all but I did notice that all the time the steering is coming back to it's left off-centre position and I believe that in the process it might cause that pull. Anyway, what do you mean exactly by a printout and how to get one? Thank you for the reply! I see that you are from Hertfordshire. Which garage
  3. As being an advanced technology, I assume the price it's also higher. What should I expect to pay for this? I see. I believe that is my best option and I will look forward for it. Tomorrow I am due to have a CatLock installed by Toyota and I will ask about the wheel alignment.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it!
  5. I know from a colleague that they are expensive too 😅 Thank you!
  6. I understand and quite does make sense. However, I will look for an official somewhere in case of something. Probably, the issue itself is not a big, but it does make me feel like I am not respected. I give myself the possibility to be wrong but the dealer does not want to take responsibility at wall despite their public commitment for their customers. Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep it on my list. In this way, I have checked KwitFix, which has some latest technology in wheel alignments. What do you know about them?
  7. I don't know if they do have any centres. However, I did message the sales person that I did the transaction with, and I have requested to be arranged an appointment in my area in order to be checked to be repaired accordingly. In case that they will fail to do this by Saturday, I will look forward to claim my money back in some legal why under the Consumer Right Act 2015, as I am still within that 14 days period. Even if it looks fairly straight forward, I don't expect too much from it, as I don't have experience in this way. I did mention that I can provide all my driving from the test
  8. Recently, four days ago, I did buy a Toyota Auris Hybrid, 2016, from Swanson Motor Company in Newton Abbot. After the checks and the test drive that I did, I have failed to notice that my steering wheel is actually not centred, and to drive straight, is staying a little rotated to the left. I have also noticed that the car it does pull to the left now. It's not something too significant but if you focus on it, it's easy noticeable. I have contacted the dealer... And they said that because I took the test drive, and because I have paid, they don't know if I did something, like hitting a po
  9. I appreciate your reply back, Mr. Joe. Also, my name is Alexandru 😅
  10. Hi there, Yesterday I have been to my local Toyota to ask for some advice. Quick and straight forward they have suggested me their plate that they have from a company CatLock, which on their website, there is no plate available to buy. However, the price quoted was £250, and another £125, £150 for a tilting alarm to be added to the factory alarm. They were not sure on the prices for the alarm, but then the manager came and said that there is a discount if you buy them together, but also he was not sure how much, but an overall cost of £325 or £350. For me it looks a little like a business
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