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  1. Hello everyone, Since I bought the car, I have been driving most of the time in ECO Mode. I find it good for my style (or I might have changed my style to it) but lately I have been thinking that having it always on, it may cause some issues in the long run. I am using the car to commute to work, doing motorway and dual carriage way speed. The car has now 43k miles and I have serviced it regularly with Toyota. Should I be worried about it? Is there a way to update the maps on the Touch 2 Go system?
  2. Hi there, I have experienced with my previous car, a Ford Focus 2005 Hatchback, these sort of vibrations. It has been a stressful period in trying to find out what was the issue, and eventually when I was doing my 3rd wheel balancing and two alignments in like two weeks, it turned out that two rims were bended. It was not visible on the eye but clear on the spinning machine when they were doing the balancing. After I have changed them with better ones, used, from eBay, I got rid of that vibration. When it comes to the car pulling left, I had this too, and it still is to some extent but I believe that now is more because of the road than because of the car. However, I have approached it by changing all my tyres (they were all different), and doing an alignment at a garage equipped with Hunter HawkEye technology. I found it to be useful and to improve my steering. I own an Excel 2016 Hybrid, with panoramic sunroof, with some nice touches of leather inside, and overall with a good built quality from my perspective. It feels that could have been built to be stronger, and I would have wished for a better entertainment unit, with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. However, I like the audio system much and overall I am in love with this car, along with its design in this trim and the LED lights + plus the great MPG that I get, ranging between 52 and 64. It is a great choice for me. I hope that you will manage to sort it out!
  3. Hi guys, Thank you for your replies. I don't contest the fact that they may want to bring viewers and clickbaits but can be useful too. At least this is how I find it. I will not be changing the coolant now. It looks good, so I guess I have no reason and I will continue to use it up to 100,000 miles as the book is saying. Speaking of maintenance, in September 2021, my 5 years Toyota Warranty has terminated. I have done a service with them before that, which gave me an extra year warranty. Since then, I bought service kits from eBay, and I only booked them to change my oil and the oil filter, changing myself the engine air filter and the cabin filter, and cleaning the hybrid filter from the rear seat, checking the alignment at Hunter HawkEYE centres, adjusting when necessary. I have done this every 5,500 miles, two times so far, within 6 months. I am driving quite a lot for work. It started to be a confusion for me now. I bought the car in April 2021, and was from a Ford Delearship. They did a full service on it, and I know that they have changed the spark plugs along with the oil and oil filter, and back then had 21,300 miles, and shortly after I bought a set of four new tyres. Now, I am not sure what I should prioritise for the next services. I know that I have to give attention for the brake fluids, changing it every two years but I am not sure if I should be aware of certain miles too in this regard. My brakes are 8mm front and 6mm. Also, I am not sure about the windscreen fluid. I never topped it up myself, and I did use every now and then. I assumed that was changed at the service but I never saw it on the paper, and I start to think that I need to top it up soon. Any recommendations? I will have a look on the wiper blades too. If I need to change them, would be better to go for original ones? Do you have any recommendations? If there is anything else that I should consider, please let me know.
  4. I doubled check on the Live Chat, asking if for both operations, and she said ''Yes, that is correct'' I have 37,600 miles on the car. I know about the 100,000 miles or 10 years but there is this guy on YouTube, which claim to be working as a mechanic in a Toyota Garage in North America, specialised on hybrids and is saying not to wait 10 years if I don't reach 100,000 miles but to go when the cars turns 6 years, which happened recently. The coolant looks clean, at the right level. It doesn't feel necessarily to be changed but I don't know... I'd rather change it than regretting later. Difference is £110.
  5. Hi there, I have called Steven Eagell Toyota in Radlett to ask how much would cost me to change my engine coolant and the inverter coolant, for the hybrid system. The guy there said £210, each one being £105, which felt like quite a lot. He was also super ready to book me. 😅 However, because I like to try more options, I went on the Steven Eagell official website - enquiry, where I went on the Live Chat and asked the same thing. The price given there was a little less than half, £99 including VAT... I don't know how to judge this but I am little disturbed. What do you think?
  6. Hello, For the pas two services done, I have bought from eBay a service kit (5L oil, oil filter, engine and cabin filter) for £80 or £85. I have changed the engine filter and the cabin filter myself, and for the oil and oil filter, I called Toyota to have it replaced and they charged me £45, with a free visual check and a free wash and vacuuming. - Total of £125 or £130. You might want to add a hybrid check, which will be extra £40 or £45. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202555841118?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Dce5a4668688242baaf22cacda4440ce0%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D255021150271%26itm%3D202555841118%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DToyota&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A8b9c1fe0-6f89-11ec-bf17-6648f2ef027f|parentrq%3A3364262117e0a9fa4d7cd861ffeb694a|iid%3A1 Toyota's charging £190 for their intermediate service, which includes oil, oil filter and hybrid check as far as I am aware.
  7. Hi redrobbo, I lost one of my contactless keys a few months ago. The insurance agreed to pay £300 towards my bill only if I change the whole lock with completely new keys, and provide a receipt to them. I used Car Keys Solutions. To have new lock and two new keys, it cost me £430, with them coming to my location. It might be cheaper if you go to their location. They were good to me. They were fast and offered me a great service. In comparison, Toyota was charging me double the price.
  8. I guess from a repairing point of view, if would be the case. And maybe it does affect the performance of the cat. Like overheating. I am only guessing 😅
  9. Hi guys, I am also considering to put a cat lock on my Toyota Auris 2016 Hybrid, Excel version. I have been going through your posts and other similar topics but I am left a little confused. The links from eBay suggesting what to look for are no longer available. However, I found myself some cat locks and a digital tilt alarm but when it comes to bolts, I don't know what to go for. I would appreciate if someone can drop some new links with bolts designed for my Mk2 Auris. Also, this matter does raise some questions to me. Such as: If I install a cat lock, for example this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233878234342 - Is this likely to cause overheating underneath, that may be likely to lead to some serious issues later on? Having a cat lock installed, if I would need some repairs or some work underneath, is that removable? Will I have it to remove it completely, by destroying it let's say, and then have some new one installed? I found this digital tilt alarm: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282804208870 - Should a go to a certain type of garage or a certain skilled person to have it installed? And if I do install it, how would a scenario of using it would look like? Like how would I arm it and disarm it? Thank you, guys!
  10. Thank you, sir. Much appreciated!
  11. I clicked it. I had to put pressure on the front edges of the seat.
  12. I have removed mine too, so I can inspect the filter, but I don't seem to be able to clip it back. I have pushed from all the sides and simply doesn't click. Is a specific method for this?
  13. Hi, everyone. Thank you for your replies! I felt that I have to do this despite as much as I wanted to believe those people who sold the car to me that it's okay to drive. It kind of frustrates me a little but I guess that's how this industry works. I assume that in most cases, the best possible case to buy a car from a dealer, is by the manufacturer's dealer with the approved cars.
  14. I have adjusted the tyre pressure to 2.3 and it feels better. I feel more comfortable with it. As for the alignment, I think it is good. I have done the test on the other side and it does go the other way. They are all different. They have been balanced on the front.
  15. Hello everyone, I am coming back with an update over the latest attempts to fix the off-centre steering and the left pulling. So, I have booked with Steven Eagle Toyota over the phone a four-wheel alignment, and they said that they will give me a free visual check and a loan car too. Although, if you take the loan car completely free, there is an excess of £1,500, even for little scratches, so I opted to pay £9,95 to reduce my excess to £50. Next day, my car has been checked, and they did the four-wheel alignment. They said that they didn't see anything wrong with the car overall, and that now drives good. It was good to hear this, a relief. I came to pick-up my car. I dropped the loan vehicle, which no one has checked it, at least not with me there. I have paid what I was due and I started to drive way. I have noticed that my steering was centred but was still pulling left kind of like before. However, I said to myself that I might be exaggerating, so I continued to use it like this over the weekend. I had a trip of a few hundreds miles and it was good overall but it still bothered me, so I called again to have it checked again. Initially it was for the next week but Tuesday morning, while driving, I felt at one point that my steering became too light or loose. It was confusing, because there was a bit of both. At motorway speeds it felt unstable, even at slight movements, and at low speeds it felt loose and it looked to me that I have to steer more than usual. It did worry me, so I called Toyota to amend my booking and to have it checked faster. I went yesterday, I got a loan car so I can compare and it was no where near. I had 2020 Yaris, and I could have seen that stays straight and that I can feel that is not light or loose steering. They have checked the car again and they said that they can not fault the car in anyway. They put the car again for alignment saying that is the same thing but it actually improved the pulling, because there are slightly different values than in the first alignment You will see the papers in this post. I told them about the Yaris, that doesn't feel like this but they said that is normal because is a completely different car. I do understand that but for me it still feels too light and not too normal to be such a difference. Now, to get peace of mind, I will go again to drive an Auris like mine but I am sure that it will feel different. Because, literally, if I drive at 70 mph, I feel like it is very easy to loose the control of the car. I have attached the two alignments so you can see the first values, second ones and the last ones that I currently have on the car. So... now I have a very light steering and despite the mechanic from Toyota saying that is normal, I do feel while I am driving that it doesn't feel normal. I am not really sure what to so from here.
  16. Thank you, Tony. I will save your suggestion and I will leave an update with what is going to happen. For the moment I am waiting an answer from the dealer to see what the next step will be. I would pay myself for the checks and alignment but somewhere inside I refuse to, because then I have to chase them to pay me back or also, if something is worst, then if I send the car back, will be with an alignment from me and I think that is too generous of me 😅 I will leave updates with what is going to be. Thank for everyone's responses. I am grateful!
  17. Yes, I did notice the camber on the road. Although I am aware of it, I still feel that the car pulls left but unable to make a clear assessment. Sometimes it does harder, which is usually more significant at higher speeds, sometimes just a little and sometimes almost not at all but I did notice that all the time the steering is coming back to it's left off-centre position and I believe that in the process it might cause that pull. Anyway, what do you mean exactly by a printout and how to get one? Thank you for the reply! I see that you are from Hertfordshire. Which garages around do you think that are reputable and that I can go confidently to it for a good check?
  18. As being an advanced technology, I assume the price it's also higher. What should I expect to pay for this? I see. I believe that is my best option and I will look forward for it. Tomorrow I am due to have a CatLock installed by Toyota and I will ask about the wheel alignment.
  19. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it!
  20. I know from a colleague that they are expensive too 😅 Thank you!
  21. I understand and quite does make sense. However, I will look for an official somewhere in case of something. Probably, the issue itself is not a big, but it does make me feel like I am not respected. I give myself the possibility to be wrong but the dealer does not want to take responsibility at wall despite their public commitment for their customers. Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep it on my list. In this way, I have checked KwitFix, which has some latest technology in wheel alignments. What do you know about them?
  22. I don't know if they do have any centres. However, I did message the sales person that I did the transaction with, and I have requested to be arranged an appointment in my area in order to be checked to be repaired accordingly. In case that they will fail to do this by Saturday, I will look forward to claim my money back in some legal why under the Consumer Right Act 2015, as I am still within that 14 days period. Even if it looks fairly straight forward, I don't expect too much from it, as I don't have experience in this way. I did mention that I can provide all my driving from the test drive to today's point, as I have it registered in my Google Maps timeline, and that they can check for potholes, and if they believe that I hit something to cause the steering to be off-centre and the car to pull to the left, then I will be open to look at it. All the tyres are different on the car, the newest one being by the driver side. I took a video of the front two, maybe it will give a better insight. Yes, I am in Hatfield.
  23. Recently, four days ago, I did buy a Toyota Auris Hybrid, 2016, from Swanson Motor Company in Newton Abbot. After the checks and the test drive that I did, I have failed to notice that my steering wheel is actually not centred, and to drive straight, is staying a little rotated to the left. I have also noticed that the car it does pull to the left now. It's not something too significant but if you focus on it, it's easy noticeable. I have contacted the dealer... And they said that because I took the test drive, and because I have paid, they don't know if I did something, like hitting a pothole or so, and they are not willing to help me. In the first instance, I have accused the previous drivers or doing so. Also, the car has failed the MOT due to a front tyre being worn, I think by the driver side saying out of my mind now, which was not followed by an alignment. To me, this looks more like a likely scenario, as I have experienced it before, but it does not necessarily mean that this is the issue. Also, it does not explain the off centre steering wheel. However, at some point was my words against the sales man words, and eventually we reached an agreement for me to take it to a garage to be checked, as the distance between me and Swanson Fords, the approved dealer where I bought it from, is 200 miles. I am not necessarily happy about this, as I have to pay myself for the check, and I am confident that I have not hit any pothole to create this issue. I have been very careful in fact, as I paid £11,330 + plus an extended warranty for this car of £368. I am going to attach some images and a short video on YouTube, and guys, please give me your opinions on this matter with how you would do in my situation. I am also considering legal rights, such as ''Consumer Rights Act 2015'', as I am still within the period of 14 days, respectively 30 days. It may not work like this but it's something that I would try. However, I like the car and I all want is this to be fixed.
  24. I appreciate your reply back, Mr. Joe. Also, my name is Alexandru 😅
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