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  1. I went to Toyota.com and downloaded the vehicle specs. It looks as if the car left the factory with remote keyless entry. corolla vehicle spec from toyota 01.pdf
  2. My Granddaughter recently purchased a 2017 Corolla LE Eco. How can we find out if it has remote keyless entry? The car had only one key and that key had no buttons on it. Is there something in the VIN or in a downloadable spec sheet that would say if it had this capability? Is there any way to just look at the car and see if it has the stuff onboard for this capability? Thanks, Bob
  3. Thanks much! The car did not have an owners manual, so downloading this online manual will be helpful. The pic shows what I needed to know. It looks like the car is also missing the tool tray.
  4. Could you please take a couple of pics of that boot floor and post them here? I'm trying to figure out how that stuff is supposed to fit in a 2017 Corolla LE ECO. What is the boot floor made of? Is it just loose carpet or a stiff panel or what? Thanks for any info.
  5. In a 2017 Corolla LE Eco, what is the location of the spare tire, tire iron, jack, and any other items that come with a stock Corolla? It was all loose just rattling around when we purchased the car. It would be very helpful if one or more of you could just take a couple of pics of the trunk opened up enough to show the spare and associated parts, and post the pics here. Thanks much. Also, what kind of floor or panel goes over the spare tire area? 64771 is the part shown in the Toyota parts diagram. is that a piece of carpet or a panel or what? Thanks again for any info. Gyrob
  6. Hi.., I just bought a 2017 Corolla LE ECO for my Granddaughter to use for her college car. It is in good shape, and we are tidying it up, but we have some questions. Thanks for being here.
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