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  1. Thanks for your replies everyone, I actually passed my test in 1988, but never drove for various reasons. Having recently taken early retirement from teaching (yay!!!) I have invested in some refresher lessons which are still ongoing. I have just started doing local drives on my own-to the shops etc and am really enjoying it and becoming less nervous. I tried a manual car but much prefer an automatic as I feel I'm not having to multitask as much and can concentrate on the road, it makes me feel less nervous. My driving instructor teaches me in my own car. I will wait and see the verdict and ma
  2. I'm not very technical-'a standard gearbox car with gear stock'? I really struggle with changing gear etc so that's why I chose an automatic. I would definitely consider trading up to a newer model though as I don't want continual problems. I suppose I just need to wait and see how this particular problem goes and how much it costs to sort
  3. Hi, I am a new driver and bought a 2008 Toyota Aygo semi automatic to practise in. I love it and an slowly gaining in confidence. Yesterday however was a baptism of fire! Itt slipping out of gear into neutral and a light came on the dashboard a bit like a snowflake with an exclamation mark in. I managed to get off the road and phoned the RAC. When the mechanic arrived he said it could be the heat and it had 'reset' itself. The light had gone. However, just in case, he followed me home and it happened a further 4 times. He ended up driving the car home and said it slipped into neutral a few tim
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I'll practise and let you know how I get on
  5. Hi I have bought a Toyota Aygo automatic 2008 to relearn to drive, I am finding it so much easier than a manual car for driving, I am having refresher lessons in it with a qualified instructor as I haven't driven since I passed my test in 2008. I'm very nervous! I wondered if anyone had any tips on manoeuvring? My road is on a slight incline and parking is very tight, parallel parking. In effect when I'm in reverse to park I have to reverse uphill and the car doesn't do this easily I end up pressing the accelerator and not moving so I press it a bit more and I shoot back which is obviously no
  6. Hi I am relearning to drive after passing my test in 1988 and not driving since! So I have bought a second hand Toyota Aygo automatic and my instructor is giving me lessons in it. I'm very very nervous but have had three lessons and am beginning to relax a bit into it, looking forward to getting tips on driving my car through this forum
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