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  1. That must be it ,an auto door option . I shall pull the door apart and check . I guess there would be two more contacts on the door. I found the feature very convenient as it was a lot quieter closing the door .....when I got home late at night.
  2. My old G model had a rotary lock on the sliding door. My question is does my base model have it. I see the two electrical contacts on the front of the door ,if it does have it, can someone tell me where the relay or fuse it in the fuse box . Can I hot wire the catch from the posts on the door or are they just there to let me know the door is ajar.
  3. Hi, I just bought a 95 2.2 lucida 2wd and like so many lucidas it has an engine oil leak. The leak is definitely coming from the cam cover. I see various prices on ebay for the gasket , is there really any difference in the quality? Is it a difficult job to do on the driveway? The A/C condenser is also shot any suggestions on a replacement. Thanks.
  4. I use to own a lucida G model for 8 years . I changed jobs and bought myself a car . I soon realised the limitations of this decision and have just bought a 96 2wd lucida. I look forward to participating in this forum.
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