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  1. I have a problem hearing the spoken instructions on my sat nav, I cannot seem to find how to turn the volume up without increasing volume of radio. In my previous car (not Toyota) if I increased the volume as she was giving me directions, I could increase the sat nav spoken instructions but not increase the volume of radio
  2. Can someone explain what this ‘slot/port’ is please. Just to the left of the shift on my Corolla TS hybrid
  3. Thanks, finally sorted it. It seems that the dealership enter new owner details. They had entered my partners name as the car was purchased in their name. Once I entered that name into the head unit all was sorted.
  4. This is not a reply to the original poster, but more an additional question. I also have the 2.00 corolla tourer hybrid. Just removed the luggage cover, is there any place to store this (in the car - as opposed to the garden shed or spare bedroom?)
  5. When I first turn my corolla 2021 hybrid on, A message pops up on the screen "User name or password incorrect" clicking on Ok gets rid of it, but what is it? What user name and/or password? and how do I deal with it? Your help would be appreciated
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