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  1. Hi thought I'd let you know, had new master cylinder fitted today, the old one was leaking, done by independent garage at a cost of £430, there was no recall on that problem, think I was just unlucky that's all , thanks all .
  2. Hi everyone I've had look under the brake pedal we're there's dust cover , at the back of the brake booster when I pulled the cover back there's fluid leaking slowly, so I think bomber was right, it's the master cylinder fault, I can only get this part from the main dealer at a price of £263, so it's going in next week to get done,the car as only done 39,000 miles this shouldn't go on that mileage should it .
  3. OK thanks I'll look around for a cheaper quote
  4. Hi one day last week my brake pedal went to the floor it happened a few times on that day when I pumped the pedal it was correct, the following days the brakes were fine,? I took the car in for mot yesterday it passed no problems, I told the mechanic about the problem he said that there is a slight misting around the rubber boot on the master cylinder that might have caused it , he priced me £440,is that a fair price, I've got a 2014 toyota yaris trend 1.33 thanks.
  5. Hi Bob and Steve yesterday I removed the rubber boot seal and wiped it down then I cleaned the area were seal goes,when I put it back I really tapped it very hard into place, well to my surprise this morning I checked it no leak and it rained heavy last night, have I done something here by removing and resetting the rubber let's hope so , will let you know if it leaks again thanks again for your help and advice.
  6. Hi I've tightened my antenna no water leaks there now checked both grommets above the boot no leaks there ,water still coming down both sides of the boot, this is a mistery now shall have to call in inspector barnaby I think .
  7. OK Bob I'll try that tomorrow thanks.
  8. Hi Steve do you mean this section here can't see no way to open this compartment
  9. Hi Steve thanks you were correct my antenna was quite loose, how do I go about tighten that down looks very awkward to get at, or should I go to local garage.
  10. OK Steve I'll check them tomorrow thanks.
  11. Hi can someone help me find a leak I have on the near side rear light on my 2014 yaris trend, I've tried pouing water down the side of the light we're the water drains down the side, but nothing comes in side the light cluster, but when it rains water drips down mostly on the hatch that you open for inspection, this is now driving me mad now anyone else had this problems thanks.
  12. Hi Lee thanks for that I'll inquire about that in toyota tomorrow
  13. Hi John yes I do have well in the boot, and also there's hole at bottom of the boot ,that some thing screws in to hold a wheel, so I will now get a wheel and attachment tomorrow, thanks John.
  14. Hi John my car has two like notches on the four corners of the car on the pinch welds, are they the position the jack fits ,also if I do get a space saver wheel what holds it in the boot do I need some more attachments for it, thanks.
  15. Hi can some one give me advice, I have no spare wheel with my car which is a 2014 1.3 yaris trend just got that liquid stuff,is it possible to buy a space saver spare wheel for my car and the compartment to fit it in the boot, I've got 16inch alloys so what size spare do I need, 15inch or 16inch, I know some times the space saver comes smaller, thanks.
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