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  1. Hi I've sprayed silicone on the bushes,but made no difference, I've booked it in the garage next week for them to sort this noise out, will let you know how I get on
  2. OK thanks for your advice I will get some silicone spray and try that
  3. Hi I've done history check, nothing on advisors. I bought the car from good local garage, took it back this morning they checked it over and said it sounds like it could be wishbone bushes that have gone dry through lack of use, does that make sense to anyone, is that possible the cause, thanks.
  4. Hi I'm a new member I've recently bought a 2014 1.3 yaris,can someone help me, there is crunching sound coming from under the car when I go over slowly a speed bump, there is 35 000 miles on the clock , it does seem to be more from the front.
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