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  1. See my entry under Smartwater discussion. Or read this: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/3093890/free-possible-free-smar******er-thief-detection-kits-from-your-local-police-forces
  2. It is not a total solution but ALL hybrid owners of all models may wish to know that in Derbyshire...and possibly many other counties...the police have been co-operating with Vertu Toyota and supplying them with Smartwater kits. This week I was offered a Smartwater application free of charge on the CHR-R I was taking delivery of and as a result the catalyser and adjoining tubing have been treated. The application is unique and you are given a certificate and window stickers. It means anyone handling the cat will have the DNA on their body or clothing etc and it can be traced back to you and t
  3. I realise the Forum benefits from the income from advertising but as a new member I've just logged on and been confronted with an Ad from Zip, the firelighter people, for what they call a Forest Friendly instant barbecue (in a foil dish)....friendly because it uses coconut instead of charcoal. With all the fire damage being done to woodland, moorland and heath in the last 12 months are they having a laugh?
  4. You and me both. My carport is approached from the South East so when I drive into it when the sun is low in the North West the glare from the screen and the dash make it very risky. By the same token, when it's very bright in front the small figures on the speedo such as the temperature are far too dark to see. (And it's tiny to start off with).
  5. I would agree. During lockdown my Auris Design estate has done much less mileage and the rear discs are pitting because I brake quite gently for the sake of my passenger(s) which means - as Catlover says, the discs are hardly ever in use. It also makes the discs noisy when you do use them. I was tempted to take it out alone and give the discs a hard time to clean them off but I'm PXing for a CRH later this week so I'll leave it to someone else. But don't ignore it, replacement discs are expensive.
  6. Hi. I'm a bit late joining since I'm about to take ownership of my seventh Toyota having previously enjoyed faultless mileage in a Rio Hi Ace, two Yaris,(one of them a Hybrid) one Avensis (but I owned that twice!), one Verso (LHD purchased on line from Belgium for use in France), one Auris Hybrid design and now a CRH-Excel Hybrid because my ageing bones need an easier ingress/egress. For many years I only bought cars whose names began with VO, i.e. VW and Volvo but having owned 55 cars and motorhomes in 58 years I have also had a few others such as Citroen, Merc, Saab, Honda, Renault, Mazda
  7. Our local cat converter is a Vet.
  8. Just researched space saver spares for CHR because I'm about to buy a 2019 model which only has a goo kit. On line reputable dealer quotes £150 for wheel, tyre, scissor jack and you can get a screw to hold it down for £12 and a cover to keep the wheel clean for £20 (which I would buy because my wife has allergies to rubber odour). Seems a no brainer to me, even if it means raising the boot floor a tad. Goo kits are useless. I won't be going for the £299 3-year insurance for wheels and tyres that the dealer is trying to get me to take. In 2 million miles of motoring I have never had to replac
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