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  1. We progressed through Yaris; Auris estate; CH-R and now Rav 4; all hybrids. The CH-R was a delight and better than the two predecessors but try a Rav before you buy the CH-R. It is just a brilliant all rounder, with best access for oldies and brilliant economy round towns and short trips although slightly more expensive on motorway runs. The ride is much better than the other three. All round visibility is better too. You can see all the corners of the car...which you can't in the CH-R.
  2. In a bid to beat the energy crisis and huge bills I have invested in several smartplugs, One turns all my office stuff off (two laptops, printer, tv on standby, chargers etc). My smart meter shows that when I use my smartphone either by timer or press button command I can save as much as 40 pence per day when I am away from home or not using the office....I was shocked to find out how much power I was wasting. The smartplugs (as low as £9 each in a multi-buy) will soon be paid for at that rate. Same applies in the lounge with TV and wall lamps. I just wish I could cut the cost of the fridge-freezer. (But the really heavy is the standing charges on both gas and electricity....absolute rip-off.)
  3. Just to show the silliness in the MyT App Hybrid Coaching business, this morning I got 93.8 mpg on a five mile drive but only a score of 58/100. It said I braked too hard at a roundabout. In fact the roundabout in question is at Tesco's, in Chesterfield, and has a huge speed ramp on every approach for which you really have to brake or risk taking off ! AS everyone seems to conclude, it is very clever but not clever enough. But, hey, 93 mpg for a spacious SUV 4x4 ? While I'm on the subject, for Chesterfield drivers, Sainsbury's at Dronfield is £188.9 per litre, Tesco Chesterfield 192.9 and Morrisons at Meadowhead £189.9. Sainsbury in Chesterfield was £191.9 but I understand the forecourt is going to be closed for a week for modifications. Should we have a column on the Forum for fuel prices?
  4. Very basic and possibly naive point but was your door not properly closed so the car went into safe mode...and cleared itself when you got out and later came back and closed the door properly?
  5. Like it! But I already have one that says live rear view camera in use. Doesn't seem to put many off tailgating. And the camera has already been used to show police some hideous driving....along with the front view after they've overtaken. That one on the BBC news pages at the weekend showing a white van overtaking and then killing a 78 year old car driver in a head on smash was extreme driver-!Removed!.
  6. I can't find that reading on the app. I presume (without going out to the car in the rain) that it's a figure from the in-car readings? But what is odd is the lack of relationship between mpg and driver score. I just did a 4.5 mile journey and got 71.5mpg but a driver score of only 72. Given the price of juice I'll be more concerned about mpg than any other readings!
  7. Similarly, for me it is traffic lights which provoke the red button but I put that down to me braking harder in order to stop rather than proceed on amber which almost everyone else seems to do...when they're not going through on red which is the norm in North Derbyshire. The "teacher" on Hybrid Coaching says "slow down earlier" which is fine if you haven't got someone up your bum tailgating !
  8. Settling in with my 2019 Rav 4 Hybrid Excel and now that CarPlay is fixed enjoying the new car/computer relationship and in particular the ratings on Hybrid Coaching. Is anyone keeping scores? I had a 90/100 last week on a run from Basingstoke to Blandford which is my highest yet but I do complain when I get a red ring for not slowing down gently at traffic lights when the lights change as I get up to the line ! Though I have to admit my weekly average for last week was only 77. Great for causing marital dischord, though!
  9. Wha...? My wife was quoted £1023 for our CR-H by Saga. We had a quote for £330 from Direct line. (She is a retired senior crown prosecutor & has faultless 40 years driving record). And Saga refuse to stop sending unwanted spam.
  10. Credit where credit is due. Vertu at Chesterfield are doing the upgrade on Monday f.o.c. which continues my 100 per cent record of satisfaction with them over four car purchases. I shall look forward to using CarPlay like a kid with a new toy.
  11. I'm ok with the online on MyT but it does raise the question of re-sale veracity and with that in mind I'll make sure I keep any receipts etc but, to be fair, the salesman was new in the job and I guess he hadn't yet had that bit of training at Osmaston. I was worried because in the past I have bought a car from a well known dealership who said the service booklet had been mislaid...it never turned up and the dealers came up with one they said had been filled in "from their records" but I always had the feeling afterwards that the car, a Mercedes 190, had been clocked. No such suspicions on my Rav. It feels barely run in at 16k.
  12. I'll let you know how I get on. It would have been nice to have official announcement that service books are now on-line only unless you want to pay 8 quid for a book you can keep in the glovebox. That's something else I'm taking up with Vertu Chesterfield. Salesman said I'd get it later. A ploy to bring in a bit of cash if you sell it privately or to another dealership?
  13. Thanks to all, as usual. But I am annoyed it wasn't mentioned when I bought the car. My own fault. I should have done more research into the negatives of the model. But why on earth did Toyota drop the quality of the sat nav? And why does it default to different settings at each start-up?
  14. I love my newly acquired 19-reg Rev 4x4 Excel...all except the satnav. What a retrograde step from the 68 CR-H we had before. Why can't I have "direction 2d" all the time instead of having to get rid of "Direction N" every time I switch on? Why can't I hold the view at 100 yds instead of default 3d which looks like it's seeing the map from a drone? So why not use my brand new Iphone 13 and have the phone screen mirrored on the satnav? Answer? My Rav does not have CarPlay. But the manual says that all models from 2019 DO have it? Have I got a case against the dealer? Of course my car was registered in 2019 and that doesn't mean it is a 2019 model. How can a company get all the engineering right and everything else so wrong? My techie 37 yr old son spent a long time this afternoon trying to find a way I could get a better navigation app to fill my screen for a forthcoming 200m journey and gave up in disgust. And when I, later, tried my wife's Android phone with both wi fi and USB I couldn't get any joy with that either. Help!
  15. My experience is that they will take no notice whatsoever. Whoever makes the cars is totally unrelated to whoever provides the "aftercare".
  16. Free for collection or refund of postage. Auris 2018 estate boot liner. Good condition. Chesterfield.
  17. Thanks Devon Aygo. After looking at cost/benefits of subscriptions (and looking as a pensioner at my other "subscriptions") I shall give it a miss. Love the car, love Toyota but the brand's websites and peripheral software give me the screaming eeby-jeebies. And I much preferred the sat-nav and display layout of the CR-H. It lets the Rav down, or at least in the 2019 model I have.
  18. I know the app is mentioned in several places elsewhere on the Forum but can someone please re-assure me that I can register the app with my Rav Excel without being committed to a mental institution? Where is that serial number it is demanding? Why won't it connect with the internet? Is any of it actually any real use? And most of all, why does my device look nothing like the four shown in the app?
  19. interesting discussion! With my Auris, CR-H and now Rav I often find that when I leave the main road to go up the moderate 400 yard hill to our house I am running on EV after slowing down for the mini roundabout at the junction. It usually pops another 2 miles on the MPG reading as a result. But is it the best practice to effectively drain the battery just before parking up? I have not had any problems but if better experience suggests it might affect battery life I will avoid doing it. I always get a kick out of being so lightfooted that the ICE doesn't run as we silently glide into our car port.
  20. I took delivery of my 2019 Rav Excel 4x4 a couple of weeks ago after a year of CR-H. I was expecting my fuel costs to rise (quite apart from the global crisis) but on a return trip to Hampshire from Derbyshire which included a day out in the New Forest area I came back, filled up at a cost of a shade over £60 at £1.60.09 per litre (Sainsbury's) That worked out at under £30 each way for the long drive and on the return leg registered a trip reading of 48.9mpg with my speed range from 55 to 70 mph. via A34, M40, A43, M1. I am well pleased. I don't think the CR-H fuel figures would have looked much different. The ride is softer than the CR-H and, of course, there's loads more room. Ticks my box !
  21. I am not sure where the latest consensus on this topic is but when purchasing my Rav 4 hybrid from Vertu Toyota in Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago we were told...and shown...by a salesman that all the cars in their showroom are tricklecharged overnight and he demonstrated how the charger is attached to the battery under the bonnet and this was on a new Phev. The battery is almost concealed by fuses and stuff but there is a contact there and the other goes to a metal lifting point nearby. I was flabbergast, to be honest, because when we first had a hybrid, a Yaris, my understanding was that it was risky using an external charger and so when we went to Spain in the motorhome for six weeks a neighbour ran the engine intermittently. It would be helpful to get an authentic Toyota view for all models with advice on how to do it safely.
  22. If you have never heard it that is enough for me to go back to the dealer and have it checked. Thanks for the info. I can't tell from the handbook whether my model should have kick to unlock but there again the handbook doesn't cover the SOS button in the overhead switch set either. Had to Google that to find out about the new laws on SOS devices.
  23. Just taken delivery of my 2019 Rav 4 Excel and am thoroughly delighted but I am curious to know whether the whirring of what sounds like a cooling fan from under the rear offside seat when the vehicle is stationary with the power switch on is normal or should I have it looked at? It sounds like the constant purring of a cat. And also the kick action on the auto boot lid doesn't appear to work but maybe it is not standard on some variants? Comments appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.
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