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  1. Thanks Mooly, I wouldn’t have the heart to do this! But super cool that you managed to fix it yourself. As a way of update, the centre manager rang me today and to my joy said they would cover the cost of repair, I’m more than relieved. I hate confrontation and always felt that I was to blame too as I did not check the car over when leaving the garage. As mentioned previously the guys at the garage were really nice and I left with a smile on my face which made this conversation for me more difficult. Honesty wins!! Next steps for me is to get some quotes. thank you
  2. Thanks for sharing Catnash.... let’s see!! I like the sound of a mallet. My insurance excess over the past 5 years has been £50... this year got my son insurance which meant I had to go with a specialist company to only have an excess of £600 ahhhhhh!
  3. Hi TonyHSD I will follow up with a call tomorrow to the garage but I’m not hopeful. My dash cam was on the car too and you can see that car tilted to the side in question and the car was lowered and then I can only assume the lifting anchors were realigned then lifted. The guys at the garage were really friendly which makes it even more difficult to me.. I just don’t like arguments / confrontations. Any suggestion on how I could get this fixed privately? Is it a panel beater job? This is only time I wish these parts were plastic and replaceable..
  4. Hi, thanks for moving.. underneath seems fine to me as far it looks the other side..
  5. Hi All, newbie on this and would appreciate you wisdom. took my car to a garage to get brakes checked and discovered this the next day. I can only assume they jacked it up using incorrect points which put pressure on the metal sill. I have contacted the garage but do not expect a positive reply. any suggestions to sort this out? It’s looks horrible!! many thanks
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