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  1. It looks like the Hybrid one must use 1234yf, I've managed to find the sticker on mine (it was quite literally right above my head, on the bonnet!) and it's R-134a, and ND-OIL 8. So seems like their £139 is a bit cheeky, given my car doesn't have the new fangled environmentally friendly gas.
  2. Thanks for the response! Yeah, it's hard to tell - Halfords does have a chart that states the 2012 + Auris have the newer gas - but they might be referring the hybrids. Many of the charts/articles out there seem to completely ignore the existence of the standard petrol engine! I don't mind paying more for the gas, I'm just wary of paying Toyota £139 for what would be a £60/70 job (if it is the older, cheaper gas). I'll have another look in the engine bay for the sticker
  3. Hi all, I have a 2013, non hybrid Auris (1.6 Petrol, Automatic) - Bought from a Toyota dealer last November. Now the weather is picking up a bit - I have noticed the Air conditioning is almost totally ineffective, and is unable to keep the car cool. Putting it onto "Auto" mode, results in all the fans up to full blast forever...! I am looking at Regas, it was supposedly exclusively serviced/repaired (even things as simple as bulbs/wipers) at Toyota by the previous owner - and on the online MyToyota log I cannot see it has ever had anything done to the AC system. My quest
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