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  1. Whoever issued that statement must have a degree in stating the obvious.
  2. I have had very few cars with rear ventilation but have found the best way to get air to back seats is to use the centre vents on the dashboard. Set the sideways direction of airflow of each vent so the airflow is slightly towards the centre, then move the flaps fully up so the air is directed to the roof. Personally I always use the AC, normally on auto, and don't like the air flow directed at me, I like to ventilate all the interior.
  3. I have permanently removed the rearmost bung from every door. When I removed the one from the drivers door a brief trickle of water came out. It wasn't much but if the door interior never dried out it wouldn't be long before corrosion starts.
  4. Is it the sound of Direct Injection coming into play?
  5. Auto Express recently did a review of tyre pressure gauges and it seems that most of the new digital types are fairly accurate despite their low prices.. The article should still be available on their website.
  6. Today I drove 17 miles had a 3 hour break then drove 17 miles home. MyT recorded it as 1 trip with an average speed of 1MPH. Recently it has failed to record some journeys at all.
  7. I have answered my own question through experimentation in the car. In Climate Control area of Vehicle Settings if the Auto A/C Mode is turned off then pressing the Auto button on the climate control panel will switch everything to auto without turning on the a/c. The a/c would have to be turned on manually. Could be convenient if you prefer not to use a/c. I didn't see anything regarding auto-recirc but I believe it does occur under certain conditions although I have never seen the recirc button illuminated in my car.
  8. I was sat in the car waiting for my wife and to pass the time I was looking through the Vehicle Settings. In the Climate Control section there is an on/off option for A/C Auto Mode which in my car is ON. What does this do? I guess it is different to the Auto button on the heater panel on the dashboard.
  9. I have a Halfords digital tyre pressure gauge that I have been using for a couple of years. On the packaging it states the accuracy is: +/- (1% + 1LSD). Does anyone know what this means and can translate it into PSI figures.
  10. Set by GPS should be On as it keeps the time accurate. Also at this time of year Daylight Savings Time should be On. That's the way it is in my car and I've never had a problem. When you switch it to On the clock may take a while to pick up a GPS signal and correct itself. When the clocks go back in the autumn switch DST to Off and the clock will drop back by an hour to show the correct time.
  11. Yes I was aware of that. In US supermarkets the most common way to buy milk is in gallon containers. At first I thought it was strange but the plastic container is obviously smaller than a UK gallon.
  12. Also a litre of regular gas equates to 86p.
  13. Went to Tesco this morning to fill with E5. 1.69 per litre which was 8p more than E10. The fuel gauge was exactly on the half mark. I put in 18.66 litres to the first cut off. I was expecting to put more in as the tank capacity is 43 litres.
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