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  1. Any automatic should be left in Park when you get out of it, but it would be OK to leave the handbrake off whilst in the garage as the Park position locks the transmission so it cannot roll away.
  2. Had a weeks holiday in Somerset last week. Covered 437 miles, about 170 of those miles were on the motorway. Filled up yesterday evening and the car recorded a consumption of 69.9. Put in 29.3 litres which actually works out at 67.7 MPG. I'm happy with that.
  3. I downloaded the latest map to a USB, but as 50p said installing it in the car is not straight forward so soon gave up. However I managed to connect the car to the household Wi-Fi and then it was fairly easy to download the map, took about 45 minutes start to finish.
  4. I guess that if the tyre pressure warning system was set when the tyres were at the recommended then you wouldn't get an alert until one or more tyres fell well below that pressure. I don't know how the TPS works on Toyotas. Some makes can detect the actual pressure in the tyres others makes compare the rotation of the wheels. If one tyre loses pressure then the diameter of the wheel becomes smaller which means it rotates at a faster rate than the other tyres, that's the way I think it works but I could be wrong.
  5. I have only had my Corolla for a couple of weeks and last week I was on holiday all week starting with a long motorway journey so I thought I should check the tyre pressures before I set off. The recommended pressures are F/R 33/30psi. I was a bit surprised to see the garage had set them to 38/37, so I reset them to 34/31 as I normally over inflate by 1 or 2 psi. When I set off the first thing I noticed was the car was quieter at motorway speeds than previously, no doubt due to the more compliant tyres.
  6. I have also noticed that when descending a long hill whilst in Cruise Control the car will auto apply B mode to stop the car running away and keep it near the set speed.
  7. Also the 2.0 has a smaller boot space due to the raised floor in the boot to accommodate the 12 volt battery as there is not enough room under the bonnet with the 2 litre engine.
  8. I reduced the auto lights sensitivity hoping to overcome this but it didn't make any difference so I reset it to "0" , the default setting. I haven't tried it yet but if I set it to max sensitivity would the lights come on sooner and stay on?
  9. John Ben, Have a look at the latest posts regarding tyre noise in the topic Toyota Corolla Sound Insulation.
  10. When you say use Permium fuel do you mean the higher octane petrol? The handbook says to use 95 octane or higher but does the higher octane actually make any difference in a hybrid engine which is tuned for economy not for performance. I had wondered about using it from September when standard 95 octane is reformulated to E10.
  11. This is exactly my experience and I was also wondering if it was due to the tyres although the noise rating for the standard Falken tyres is 69db so they should be quieter than a lot of other tyres. Perhaps there is a lack of noise insulation over the rear wheel arches. At motorway speeds this car is nosier than my previous car but it is much quieter around town.
  12. I only use EV mode when reversing out of the garage, or if the car has been parked on the drive, to drive into the garage. Once I'm on the move it's into Normal Mode. The car will go into electric drive whenever it can and I have to say it does a good job of managing the whole process. That is the benefit of Toyota developing their cars and software over many years.
  13. The drivers manual is dated 9/2020 and the car was registered the first week of December 2020 so it must have been built between those dates.
  14. Is it possible to find out the build date from the VIN? Just asking out of curiosity.
  15. I collected my Corolla last Monday so I am still exploring all the options on the multimedia and sat nav. I have just downloaded the My Toyota app to my iphone and the next thing is pair my phone with the car, I'm sure this will be done via Bluetooth. I see there is an option in the car to turn on Wi-Fi. Is it necessary to turn this on and why would I need Wi-Fi in the car?
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