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  1. I have answered my own question through experimentation in the car. In Climate Control area of Vehicle Settings if the Auto A/C Mode is turned off then pressing the Auto button on the climate control panel will switch everything to auto without turning on the a/c. The a/c would have to be turned on manually. Could be convenient if you prefer not to use a/c. I didn't see anything regarding auto-recirc but I believe it does occur under certain conditions although I have never seen the recirc button illuminated in my car.
  2. I was sat in the car waiting for my wife and to pass the time I was looking through the Vehicle Settings. In the Climate Control section there is an on/off option for A/C Auto Mode which in my car is ON. What does this do? I guess it is different to the Auto button on the heater panel on the dashboard.
  3. I have a Halfords digital tyre pressure gauge that I have been using for a couple of years. On the packaging it states the accuracy is: +/- (1% + 1LSD). Does anyone know what this means and can translate it into PSI figures.
  4. Set by GPS should be On as it keeps the time accurate. Also at this time of year Daylight Savings Time should be On. That's the way it is in my car and I've never had a problem. When you switch it to On the clock may take a while to pick up a GPS signal and correct itself. When the clocks go back in the autumn switch DST to Off and the clock will drop back by an hour to show the correct time.
  5. Yes I was aware of that. In US supermarkets the most common way to buy milk is in gallon containers. At first I thought it was strange but the plastic container is obviously smaller than a UK gallon.
  6. Also a litre of regular gas equates to 86p.
  7. Went to Tesco this morning to fill with E5. 1.69 per litre which was 8p more than E10. The fuel gauge was exactly on the half mark. I put in 18.66 litres to the first cut off. I was expecting to put more in as the tank capacity is 43 litres.
  8. Just got back from the USA where I saw a great number of Corolla salons and just a few Corolla hatchbacks. Lexus is popular as is Acura, Honda's luxury division. I would say salon cars still outnumber SUVs. The Rav 4 is an average size SUV over there. Size wise anything goes, I saw many Honda Fits (Jazz) and Minis and every size car all the way up a few monster Chevrolet SUVs that make a Range Rover look pretty ordinary. In cities where multi lane highways converge there was a lot of lane changing and I saw several smashed up cars, car insurance is expensive out there. Away from the cities the interstate highways were no different to our motorways, they just had a much wider central reservation.
  9. Just read in Auto Express that the Yaris Cross has been crowned World Urban Car of the Year.
  10. The side glass on my 1.8 Corolla is too thin. I frequently check the windows are fully closed as the sound of passing traffic is so clear I think a window is not shut properly.
  11. About 12 months ago I updated my Corolla satnav via wi-fi, the updated version didn't have any speed camera info or speed camera warnings. I had to download to a USB memory stick and install from there to restore everything. I installed the latest update a week ago. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes in the car and that was on top of the time it took to download from the Toyota site and unzip.
  12. Is that true? The Corolla is wider so may have room for a larger hybrid battery. Does anyone know the capacities of the batteries for comparison?
  13. In my opinion the noise is audible to pedestrians. I've had a few people look at me as if to say "that's a weird noise".
  14. I am pretty sure my battery is 45AH. Flat batteries are a long standing problem with Toyota (and other) hybrids, I can't understand why they do not fit a decent sized battery from new. It is most likely possible to get a bigger capacity battery with the same physical dimensions. Enquire at a battery specialist.
  15. When I first got my car I was disappointed with the LED lights, they didn't seem bright enough. However cars with LED lights coming the other way can be blinding as they go over a speed hump so I wonder if it is an illusion to do with the colour of the lights, LEDs are close to daylight, halogens have a yellow tinge.
  16. Installed the update today. It took 1 hour 10 minutes in the car.
  17. File copied to memory stick. Will install in the car tomorrow. They don't make it easy for us country folk to understand.
  18. Thanks Lee. I have extracted the downloaded file with the USB drive as the destination, it seems to be happily transferring as I write this. Tomorrow I assume I put the car in ready mode, plug in the USB and follow the on screen instructions. I remember having difficulty the last time I did a map update so I will write myself some instructions for the future.
  19. I have tried without success to download the latest map file to a USB memory stick, but I have managed to download it to the Downloads folder on my computer. The file size is 12.3GB. I have tried to transfer the file to a 32GB memory stick but I just get a message saying "The file 2022v1 is to large for the destination file system". I have formatted the memory stick to no avail. Any ideas?
  20. Deano I have seen one with exactly the same colour combination on the road. It looks great. Enjoy.
  21. What an interesting mix of tyres. Let us know what tyres are on your car when you eventually get it Deano.
  22. Most likely will have Falkens, don't get your hopes up.
  23. Stopped off at the Toyota showroom to look at the Yaris Cross. Despite being shorter and narrower than my Corolla the extra height and SUV design gives it a bulkiness that makes it look bigger.
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