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  1. If you don't want Toyota to record your movements turn on Privacy Mode in the MyT app.
  2. I had a Honda Jazz for six years and tried super unleaded on a couple of occasions. I also noticed no difference over normal 95 octane. However in my Corolla E5 99 octane definitely makes the engine smoother, quieter and gives slightly better MPG.
  3. Prices for the LBX are on the Lexus UK website. However the full specification of each model is not yet available. Seven grades are listed, priced £29,995 to £39995.
  4. Prices for the LBX are on the Lexus UK website. However the full specification of each model is not yet available. Seven grades are listed, priced £29,995 to £39995.
  5. Leaving the car in ready mode for an hour is an acceptable method of maintaining the 12v battery, in fact it is recommended by Toyota for low use vehicles. When I am washing my car I leave it in ready mode to charge the 12v battery. In an hour the engine will start 3 times and run for 3 or 4 minutes each time in order to keep up the charge in the HV battery which is supplying power to the 12v battery.
  6. I will have a look at the LBX when it is available. But I would only consider a specification that is the equivalent of the YC Excel.
  7. Does anyone know when the Lexus LBX and the updated Yaris Cross will be in the showrooms?
  8. There's a bit of confusion here. Some are talking about the internal ventilation fan and others about the under bonnet fan for the AC condenser and radiator. I think the OP doesn't realise they are separate and can work independently.
  9. I downloaded the My Toyota app just to have a look at it and decided it wasn't as good as the MyT app because it did not have the historical information for MPG etc. It only has the info for the last 30 days. unfortunately now it won't let me revert to the MyT app so now I am stuck with My Toyota.
  10. I have the temp set to 20 90% of the time and let it do its own thing in auto. As far as I am aware nothing has been change since the car was new. I will have a play with it next time I am out.
  11. I'm sure that I read somewhere that when using the AC / ventilation system in the Auto position it should automatically select Reciric if the conditions require it. Well this is the third summer I have owned my Corolla , and at the present time it is hot, but I have never noticed the Recirc button illuminated. Can anyone clarify?
  12. Harold, I think it is normal. You will only fill all the charging bars if you go down an excessively long hill with your foot off the throttle, I have only had this occur a couple of times in the three years I have owned my car. And when you are parked and leave the car in Ready Mode the hybrid battery is charging the 12v battery, so this would cause the hybrid battery to deplete a little. Also, if you like to listen to the radio when you are parked this can run down the 12v battery so it is best to leave it in Ready mode when you are sat in it. If you do a lot of short journeys this can run down the 12v battery. The 12v batteries fitted in all hybrids tend to have a small capacity that can deplete if you do not have regular journeys of half hour or more. If you look through this forum you will find plenty of topics on this subject. Many folks use a smart charger for an occasional top-up. Toyota recommend leaving the car in ready mode for an hour to charge the 12v battery. I leave mine in Ready Mode when I am washing the car. In an hour the car might start itself 3 times and run 3 or 4 minutes each time it starts.
  13. My daughter collects her 22 plate Yaris Cross on Wednesday. I have the MyT app for my Corolla, will it be the same for her YC? I am a bit confused reading this topic.
  14. If you connect the battery charger directly to the battery terminals you are by-passing the battery management system and the ECU may not recognise that the battery has been charged.
  15. I was told to keep an eye on the Charge/eco/power meter. as you brake the meter moves into the charge section. The further into the charge sector the more regeneration is created. When you hit max regen the mechanical brakes start to operate. I have a Corolla but it must be the same for all Toyota hybrids.
  16. Ian, you can change to another car make but you will still get the same safety systems and warnings that are now mandated by the EU.
  17. Check that the key fob battery is fitted the right way up, easy to put it in upside down.
  18. If you delete the MyT app from your phone then re-install do you lose the historical data for your car?
  19. I had a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer with a 3 cylinder 1.5 petrol engine, I believe it is the same engine as fitted to the 1.5 Mini. I have never driven, or ever been in a Yaris so I cannot offer any comparison. However I do know that the BMW engine is fitted with a balancer shaft to reduce vibrations, something that is not fitted to the Yaris 1.5 engine. So that would make the BMW engine inherently smoother. Also, in order to make Toyota hybrids lighter and more economical soundproofing is reduced to the minimum. I will be considering a new Yaris Cross next year, looking forward to a test drive. The factors mentioned above are my chief concerns. I have had 2 3-cylinder cars in the past and was never keen on either engine. The Lexus LBX will be out soon, based on the Yaris Cross. In order to improve driveability and refinement it will have a balancer shaft and additional soundproofing. whether it is worth spending several thousands pounds over the price of a Yaris Cross is something I will have to consider. The problem is there are very few new small hybrids to choose from, I am not keen on the look of the Honda Jazz.
  20. In the past couple of days all of my journeys have been recorded correctly in the MyT app. Also when parked on my drive the location address on the app is correct. I haven't had the DCM recall software update done yet, I am waiting until the car is in for a service.
  21. Be careful. As far as I am aware, as well as controlling the auto lights the sunlight sensor also has an input to to the auto climate control. I used to find it irritating when the lights came on when I drove into the garage or under overhanging trees or a bridge but now I have adopted a more relaxed attitude to the auto features of the car that you can't do much about, I recommend it. Have a nice day everyone, and tomorrow and the next day, just relax and chill out.
  22. My Corolla is the best but noisiest car I have had in a long time. I can't hear the engine but there is a lot of road noise especially from the back end. Also the windows are so thin I can hear other vehicles pass by as if the window or door is not shut properly. However I would still consider another Toyota as my next car, there are so many positives about the car that I am prepared to overlook a few negatives, after all I haven't owned a perfect car yet.
  23. The 10% and 5% figures are the maximum allowed ethanol content but the actual concentration may be less than this.
  24. I have just had the recall letter for the DCM update so I am interested to know this as well. I was thinking of leaving it until the next service, but that is in December.
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