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  1. Not sure if this helps, but for this I had the same issue, and ended up adding a catchcan to stop oil going back into the intake by running a hose from the breather port to the new catchcan. Keeps the intake cleaner and stops oil residue building up (Also the smoking/oil vapour is normal except you usually dont see it as it is directed back into the intake)
  2. Hi there, I believe the injectors between the 2.0 (1ad-ftv) and 2.2 (2ad-ftv) are the same. As when i replaced my 2.0 injectors, I found that both the 2.0 and 2.2 had the same part number for the injectors. Hope this helps.
  3. Might have to look into getting one, cheers
  4. What chip did you go with?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has done any mods to a 2.0 D4D other than a remap, such as boost controllers, new turbo etc? Looking to gain a bit more power on the mechanical side, and then move to remapping the car on top of that. I've done a intake, catless downpipe, exhaust, catchcan, egr delete. I attempted using a turbosmart manual controller but couldnt get it to work at all with the turbo/wastegate setup. Any ideas? Cheers
  6. The gauge is rated to 30psi The car should be running around 13-14, and thats also what my ob2 app torque says. However its reading 20-22 psi Im from new zealand
  7. Today I tried installing a turbosmart boost gauge and a turbosmart manual boost controller to my 2.0 d4d corolla. I used a t section on the boost pressure sensor line on the front left of the motor for getting a boost reading for boost gauge, however it is reading wrong. I have read this is due to diesel boost gauge setups require a different method, and need to be plumbed in? Im wondering if anyone has done this and could please give some advice as to where to plumb in the boost gauge line. Secondly, I added the manual boost controller tee on the line leading into the top of the wastegate, which I never ending up opening the boost tee up much as my gauge wasnt reading correctly, and after shutting the car off the wastegate/boost tee made a loud deep hissing noise of air being released. Any help or advice would be appreciated Cheers, Taine
  8. Just curious to if anyone has experience with fitting a manual boost controller to a 2.0 d4d? Looking for a bit more power, as so far I have done a cat-delete downpipe, 3 inch intake with pod filter, catchcan, new injectors. Is there any tuning required for running a manual boost controller? Cheers
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