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  1. It's correct, found it on bulkhead. Loving my Camry, it's like driving a magic carpet compared with my last car. Magic carpet that needs bearings, and a few other bits. I see what you mean about different specs, all guidance in manuals suggest single pot front calipers, mine's fitted with twins. The cabin air filter is behind glovebox, mine is accessed through drivers foot well. Mine has foglights??
  2. Chassis number JT153SV2000509946. Any info would be appreciated. Many Thanks. I would add, if I may, That I have not seen the vin number for myself, I cannot find it and believe me...I've looked. Not in windscreen, under carpet, front bulkhead, engine, in boot or on any pillars. No numbers at all that I can find. I've just gone by what's quoted on previous MOT.
  3. Does the 2000 era camry 2.2 share bits with another car? Or am i going to have to bite the bullet and import from USA? I need a lot of bits for a restoration.
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