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  1. Thank you for the explanations above. My wife's and my driving experience were fully automatic. I was thinking to buy this small car for my wife driving kids to school. I'm now thinking I bought a wrong car for her. It may be difficult asking her to understand the mechanic of the clutch. As it's a 2013 car drove 50,000+ miles, would you guys suggest to change the transmission fluid anyway?
  2. Hello All. I'm a new Aygo owner. It's a 2013 Aygo. I understand MMT has different characteristics than typical automatic. I observed the following symptoms and wonder if changing the transmission fluid can improve. 1. Even the engine has good enough RPM, it takes a longer time than the usual automatic car to gear up and speed up. 2. On an uphill slope, the car is easily sliding backwards even it's in E gear. It seems dangerous. The first thing I can think of is changing the transmission fluid. I read through the owner's manual. It only mentions the gear oil fo
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