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  1. Hello, just a quick update, the tires are actually Dunlop sp blue response and not sp fast response. Took 2 psi off (33, 32 as reccomended pressure) and I can feel the car a bit more more responsive. Just wanted to add this in case can be of help for anyone. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you all for your answers! I believe that in the end the main cause was the wind/sidewind that really affected the car and probably was more noticeable at motorway speed. Being the first time having this combination togheter I was quite surprised by the car behaviour. But seems a common feedback, I will get use to. Other than that brilliant car! Thank you all!
  3. Hi all, thank you for your replies! 🙂 Yes, it was windy and I suspected that could have been the sidewind that made it feel that way. Just surprised by the car reaction considering that its a modern car and it was quite noticeable compared to other cars. I did check the tires and they are currently at 35psi front and 33 back. Not sure if they are Eco tires, which on user guide are reccommended to be inflated a couple of psi higher than the standard 33psi on regular tires, (36psi front and 35 back) I will double check. The tires seems good without damages,(I had them recentl
  4. Hello everyone! I wonder if you can share your opinion on how the car feel and handle at motorway speed. I recently bought a 2018 Yaris Hybrid. For the first month I drove the car just in town or on dual carriage way limited at 50mph. When I finally took the car to on a motorway at 70mph I felt the car from time to time a tiny bit unstable and kind of ''wobbly''. Anyone having the same issue/experience? If so there is anything I can do to improve the car stability? (as it felt a bit uncomfortable sometimes) The car run on Dunlop Sp Fastresponse 175/65/R15 and
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