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  1. Topic drift happens and I’m please to say that the moderators on this forum a mindful of that fact.
  2. Nick, has a PHEV and even if the traction battery is considered empty at 30% SOC it starts the charge as soon as the car is in the READY mode.
  3. I’ve had a situation when the car thought that a road sign across a path on a bend in the road was considered a crash hazard and the alarm went and the car braked. It was a pretty solid reaction.
  4. ●The PCS warning light will turn on and “VSC Turned OFF Pre-Collision Brake System Unavailable” will be displayed on the multi-information display.
  5. It all sounds so strange, one of those things that hangs in the mind and the brain works overtime on. Hope you manage to get a determination when you get to the dealer.
  6. As Nigel says currently limited and appears to be very variable on whether it will work reliably. Right now I;d stick to a cable in the one USB at least the phone gets power via the socket. I’ve tried a few splitters, powered and unpowered and none of them work correctly.
  7. It’s a big moving mass even at manoeuvring speeds. I caught the plastic wheel trim on a bollard with my old Subaru XT trying to get into a very tight parking spot. Not a mark on the trim and just pressed back into place, very lucky.
  8. Been there done that got the tea shirt…..as they say **** happens.
  9. With the PHEV in Ready Mode it will charge the 12v battery and in the winter, or if your not going to use the car for my length of time, it’s worth letting the car sit for 20 mins in Ready Mode just to top up the 12v battery.
  10. It would get very complicated as driving style, temperature, topography etc., all make a massive difference to actual range. With the PHEV you would need to consider how often you were able to run on pure EV from power derived from a wall/pod charger.
  11. Going up steep hills does chew up the battery range but the regen on the way down can add range, big net loss unfortunately.
  12. Nick, the 12v battery is not charged or conditioned during the traction battery charge. I’m not sure why as it seems logical especially during the winter months but I guess there must be some kind of logic behind it. Call the dealer/pop in for a diagnostic check. Check the 12v battery and put it on a trickle charger or solar charger?
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