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  1. Thanks, and is it a Toyota OEM product? Did it come with the tools and support insert? Could I also ask what size wheels your model has? Appreciated
  2. I’m new to the Toyota RAV4 world myself but I think it’s possible to lock the doors but turn off the immobiliser, not what you want but could be an alternative. I’ve not tried this myself and I’m sure someone will be able to help but this might be worth a try.
  3. ernieb

    RAV4 2019/21

    Downloaded and installed OK.
  4. @Islandape, I think we all tend to overthink these kind of things so you're not alone but a forum of users helps. Buying a new set of tyres is a big expense and frankly a bad choice means you're stuck with them for many years and for me that would be a constant source of aggravation.
  5. I can honestly recommend the CrossClimates as an all year round tyre, especially in snow and standing rain water. The difference in winter is especially noticeable as the tyres remain ‘soft’ under 10oC as apposed to the general summer tyre. No rim protectors as such but a solid tyre especially if you can get your wheel size in the SUV range of CrossClimates which have a tougher side wall.
  6. Enjoy, it will be interesting to read your observations.
  7. Agree Fat 32 is an open format but I’ve had issues over the years of Mac ownership especially with various manufacturers cars and map updates for some reason. All the USB’s I’ve used are 16Gb as some of the updates have been big. It’s just my own experience, luckily as I also still have access to a Windows PC the problem was easily sorted.
  8. I agree that not all systems like the Mac OS formatting. One way around this is to buy a low cost USB stick which is always formatted, unless you have access to a Windows based machine or a friend who will format it for you.
  9. You need to setup a Toyota account which it sounds like you've already done. On any web browser log into Toyota UK/ MyToyota, just search MyToyota then use your login details. Second download the MyT app on and iOS or Android device and again log in. The web based connection is very generic, the app gives you diving details, service dates etc. Have fun with the new car. EDIT, should have said that when you are logged into the web site on MyToyota you'll see a link to download the related car manuals, no need to search
  10. @philip42h, as far as I know it’s a Toyota SIM built into the car as part of the tracker. I’ve tried to find information on this but so far I’ve drawn a blank. It appears to be available after the car is switched off. I’ve switched off and immediately gone onto the MyT app and the data is there. I assume that the car SIM will log onto network when the car is off but I can not help but think that it’s working all the time so could provide active tracking as has been suggested @Devon Aygo. I appear to have partially lost one days data and that might have been because of the location. It woul
  11. @Shootgun, OK thanks, delays are always frustrating but at least you have a date.
  12. Agree there is no live tracking when the car is moving but if your question relates to when the car is stationary and the ignition turned off then I would say yes. The cars position is uploaded and you would be able to locate the car. As I understand the issue of many car thefts. they are often stolen then left somewhere to see if they have a tracker fitted. If this turned out to be the situation then you would be able to turn up with the keys and drive it away.
  13. This is something I’m going to have to consider buying. I’d have thought that when connected to the mains to charge the traction battery the DC to DC converter would be powered to fully charge the 12 AGM battery, sadly this is not the case. If I use the MyT app to monitor the charge I get a warning to say that doing so requires the car to be “awake” and this might discharge the battery. There are numerous other warnings that will similarly discharge the battery, e.g., making setting changes. Interestingly, when tethered to the mains, it’s happy to run the car in “room mode” (so you cou
  14. @Shootgun, have you got your spare wheel kit yet?
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