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  1. Don’t worry they will soon be along and start digging it all up again. I regularly do a run from junction 11 to 28 and the last 14 years it’s never been clear of road works. In my youth when I first met my wife he sister had a boyfriend who was a garage mechanic and one evening he stopped to help someone change a tyre and was killed by car driver who was suspected was adjusting his radio. off topic….
  2. Give it a burst from Junction 29 to 28 come off and return to 29.
  3. David, maybe the car just needs a rundown the motorway. I’m very much like you a defensive driver and try to control the acceleration and braking but do take the opportunity to give the car a ‘blow’ out on a regular basis.
  4. That looks like it would do the job and be stable. OK if you’ve got somewhere to store it when not in use. Frankly mine gets used for all sorts of things including a useful saw support and accessing some high shelves in the garage.
  5. I don’t know but maybe if you have the A/C running flat out the ECU decides it needs to run the engine to maintain the HEV battery?
  6. I use an old caravan step stool to clean or reach the roof, just enough to give me the extra height.
  7. Well I'd be pleased for those owners who have the '23 models to get the 'new' features but very sad that they are not looking likely to be available to those of of us with earlier '21 onwards models. My understanding is that these features have been available in the US/Canada, so why not the UK?
  8. This has been a regular reported problem with the RAV PHEV version especially in colder weather, leaving the car for extended periods. Many of us carry a small battery booster in the car so that the car can be mechanically unlocked and the booster connected to just get enough into the 12v system to get the car into the READY mode so that the traction battery can then charge the 12v battery. I also, like other, use a 12v charger in the winer times to top up the battery if I'm only doing short trips or the car is not being used. I have a short adapter cable connected to the 12v battery and simply plug in the charger until it's fully charged. With the PHEV Toyota recommended leaving the car in the READY mode for 20 mins if the car was not being regularly used. I guess there must be read across to the bZ4X?
  9. I have the MyT app running on my Android phone, two different makes over the period of car ownership, and also on a iPad Pro. During the two years the MyT has been regularly out of 'service', missing trips, unavailable etc., for one reason or another and if it's off the phone then it's also off the iPAD. I don't think it's anything to do with the OS on the reporting device more likely coincidence. The app would need to be much more reliable and better features for me to part with any money. I think this is especially true for owners who would have liked to use the 'business trip' annotations but are unable to do so due to the poor up time and unreliable trip recording.
  10. Nor did mine but I’ve not noticed any problems with steering wheel marks.
  11. 2G is universally the most avialable network, low capacity, great for texting, but has the ability to get to parts other networks can not. Used extensively by companies to monitor and control equipment, remotely reboot systems etc., but the phone companies are trying to shut this network down. Whilst I agree that networks can be an issue I think the better part of the problem lies with Toyota and the poor design of software, management of the server systems and low data storage within the cars DCM systems. How much more frustrating must it be if our cars were all EV and relied on the app for essentials such as selling you where the next charge was coming from. The MyT app has been pants since I got the car any any short term positive upgrades have always been negated soon after. My car has always been in motion even when stationary. Such a shame, brilliant car very poor app/software support.
  12. Haven’t owned an older RAV but you says ‘clicks’ which might indicate a loose battery connection?
  13. ernieb

    PHEV Charging

    240v granny cable for the last 2 years. I only have a 65A incoming supply so a 7kW charger would be a problem even if I could convince someone to use load balancing. Currently we use gas for heating, hot water and cooking so our use of electricity is relatively low but the low incoming supply is still and issue. That said I've never had an issue using the 240v system which I run via a separate box with a trip and lighenting suppressor. (Materplug)
  14. I’m due to take the car for its second service, R4P, next Tuesday. I’ve opted to wait so really hope mine gets through without issues.
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