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    Auto EV/HV vs HV

    It’s interesting that the car defaults to EV mode. As I’ve said above I’ve tried numerous ways to see what comes out best in terms of economy and there’s not much to choose so by default I leave the car in the EV mode and let the HEV mode kick as required. Even if you save the EV mode for a congestion zone there is no benefit other than a warm glow of satisfaction. I think in the end it’s down to personal choice, it would be interesting to see what other PHEV owners do by default?
  2. ernieb

    Auto EV/HV vs HV

    PHEV owner. I nearly always leave the car in EV knowing it will switch automatically into HEV mode when the traction battery has reduced to 30% and pure EV is no longer available to me. I’ve done some trials when doing trips I know are beyond the EV range and found that after it’s initially run the ICE, I guess to warm it up, runs in EV mode until it’s used the traction battery more or less as I would have done. It only switches into HEV with the ICE on if I push the car up a hill or accelerate hard. I’ve found little difference between me intervening and my normal practices or consuming the traction battery then letting it switch itself.
  3. As far as I can can tell it updates one region at a time so probably eases the original and then moves on. I think the first and last files are the loader and checksum. Once the USB is connected and the update process initiated it spends a few minutes doing some preparation work then requires the registration code. If you’ve not got the code it does offer two codes to input into a web site to obtain a new registration, I guess the old code and a token code from the download but I’d already printed the registration code when I’d downloaded the v2 files. As Philip has indicated my v2 was for the whole of Western Europe not just the UK.
  4. I think I stoped it a couple of times at the beginning of the process and it picked it up OK probably before it hit very far into the process. However, once it got into the 8 of 21 updates I decided not to switch off the car or open the door. I took the car for a drive then sat on the driveway for 30 mins or so. It’s a long process to screw up and I did not want to brick the Head Unit in the process. I’d probably wait next time till I’d got a longer trip planned that didn’t need the Sat Nav. I’ve known people trash Sat Navs during updates but these also updated the OS and firmware. I’d have hoped that if it was interrupted during say 9 of 21 then it would do no worse that start update 9 again, update 8 already having been processed. As far as I can see each update is a country.
  5. Sounds really good the pure effortless torque of the EV system makes for such a smooth drive. I’ve not experienced anything like you’ve just done but on the hills I’ve driven up in UK it’s impressive.
  6. I’ve just completed the v2 update all looks OK. For anyone whose not done it before the engine needs to be on and takes about 75 mins and can be interrupted.
  7. Thanks Philip, I’ve used it before but for the life of me could not find that tab this morning. It’s not in a place I’d obviously look for a download but that’s maybe just me? When I downloaded the files the documentation said a USB 8Gb or above, the files are larger than 8Gb so at least 16Gb is needed.
  8. Quick update I went back though by browser history and located the page and have started the download, I'm still looking at how I access the purchase history?
  9. I logged into my account, selected the map update and went through the process of checking out, all OK. I got the download link and then before I downloaded clicked to read the download document and in the proces lost the download link. For the life of me I can not find the link again. The emailed invoice has no download link. If I select the map update again it says I already have this version which I understand but no offer of a link. What an I doing wrong???? I could go OTA but would rather use a USB.
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    There does not seem to be much logic but at least it's working.
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    Activate Coyote.... How To activate Coyote_tcm-11-1806233.pdf
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    On my new PHEV 2021 I’ve got Coyote nd installed as you sound like you’ve done. I got exactly the same message and then after awhile it was magically registered nd I could use it. When I tried to go to the Toyota.eu it was a dead site, I did try to research it but then it sorted itself, I guess when it looked and found my Toyota registration details nd then linked the app. There is a downloadable manual on how to set it up I’ll find it an post.
  13. Very much a work in progress…..
  14. Roy it seems the first port of call today is to wire the car to a diagnostic tester. Whilst I can understand just how complicated modern cars are it does seem that many technicians are totally reliant on the data that gets reported rather than a feel for the issue.
  15. Take a look at the detailed trip and look at the route, 10:1 it was the PDI mechanic giving it a test! I had something similar when I got mine in fact a knew about it when I picked up the car, 96mph in my case. An interesting discussion took place with the group sales director. The mechanics don't know or currently understand about the properties of the MyT app but for the user a great way of monitoring where the car has been.
  16. @PAISLEY1903, if it says it's downloaded the POI, which is what mine said when I tried it, then it must be in the Navigation Favorites. I had to look through them as it was not at the top of the pile but it was there and when selected displayed the 3 route type options. I guess you must be frustrated as you seem to be doing the right things and not getting the right result.
  17. I think that it records trips longer than 2 hours but I think you are correct in that when you are moving the app says you are moving and will download the trip to the server If the position is lost during the trip then that part would not be sent. However, I don’t know for sure how it works it’s just a guess based on current experience.
  18. I don’t know, obviously but it looks to me like it lost the signal to the SIM and did not pick it back up again?
  19. I’ve not had any real breakages of the bread crumb trail on my app and it’s been pretty accurate. The only issues is sometimes if it can not get a signal to the SIM, this can also be the case when the car stops and can take awhile to update the app. On occasions it’s taken an overnight to update but then I’ve assumed it was a server update, maintenance issue maybe? Again generally I’ve found the range in the app and what I manage to achieve pretty close. It does take time to understand your driving style and assumes a nominal environment so if you’ve been driving locally and slowly it will build a picture of your style only to be defeated when you hammer it along the motorway. This happens to me regularly and I don’t see this as an app issue. I’ve also had the occasional fuel range displayed that was way out but either refreshing the app or starting the car has sorted that no idea what’s going on there but it’s only been noticeable recently. There is additional functionality available for some RAV4 users but currently not the 2021 PHEV, door open/close, flash lights in a car park to find the car. We wait and hope that they will continue to release changes and include additional functionality into the MyT app for the PHEV it would be nice to capture some of the information that is displayed in the car. I’d certainly like more targeted PHEV data e.g breakdown on a long run between pure EV and HEV modes rather than an overall mpg figure, which looks amazing but ridiculous. I currently note the distance travelled when the EV range has gone and then calculate the true mpg number for the distance travelled under HEV mode. Overall I’m happy to have the app and find it very useful but a work in progress….
  20. There is some great stuff on YouTube. I liked the point in the video above when the operator was opening and closing doors as a tight fit on the production line was coming into play, totally unfazed but the potential issue. I remember very well the first time I had some CNC mills and lathes installed at our factory pure magic. But probably more spectacular was the first series of pick and place component machines we installed, large bands of electronic components being fed and placed on circuit boards and ceramic substrates and then being flow soldered or bonded. But then when I started out there were designs still using glass valves so I’ve seen a version of Moor’s law working in not just the computer industry.
  21. If you’ve used say Android Auto it switches to the phones Internet via Bluetooth or WiFi tether. To do updates and download the routes etc. you must change the connection in the settings to Toyota. I generally try to get the Head Unit to communicate to do an update or similar and then it gives me an option to switch to the Toyota network. Interestingly things like charging, cabin conditioning work whatever the WiFi setting. As I’ve said I got frustrated with the tendency for the built in navigation to take very literally things like the shortest route and it’s obstinacy in refusing to modify a chosen route when I’d decided to move from the navigation instructions. Example, when I’m coming home via the M1 from a Derbyshire trip I choose to come off at 11A rather than 11, Waze accepts the change and calculates a new route but Toyota try constantly to reroute me back onto the original route even at the point when it’s obvious to me that I’d be adding miles not reducing them. The tolerance to make the change seems way out. I know others are happy and that’s great and why should it bother me when I’m almost home and don’t need the navigation? For me it was a test as to what might happen if I was totally lost and more reliant on the routing than I would normally be.
  22. During my apprenticeship at EMI back in the day we did a number of trips out memorable were Corby continuous pipe making factory and a car manufacturing factory. The car factory was massive and full of people so different now.
  23. I think the obvious reason is weight and therefor economy the repair kit weighs significantly less than the tyre kit. Sometimes the higher spec cars have pano roofs etc., which are heavy so it’s a trade off. As for me I’d want a spare tyre every time. I’ve posted else where that my dealer would not order or sell one for the PHEV, not on the spares system, which is why I opted for a 3rd party kit.
  24. I think they used to do tours for certain groups but obviously with covid etc. They had also been doing extensive building work I think.
  25. I think you need the car set to the Toyota WiFi and then it's definitely in Favorites. It took me awhile to get it sorted but after that decided I was not impressed at using the inbuilt navigation switched to permanently using Waze. Of course you can set routes in Waze at home and then connect and run the navigation when in the car.
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