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  1. Thanks Flash, I've had a good read and does sound likes the pistons, probably not worth sending in for repair as I'm looking to part ex in the next couple of months
  2. Hi, I have a 2010 Toyota Auris 1.33 TR, around 65,000miles had a new timing chain and clutch last year Last few months I have been getting low oil pressure symbol and when i check the oil it is low, roughly topping up 1ltr-1.5ltr every 2weeks, I have checked the drive and no signs of oil leaks and not blowing out the back where is it going, I have also noticed and a big change in power, really struggles up long gradient hills where I have to most of the time get in the crawler land with the HGV's, I am due to get a new car in a few months but want to keep this as a 2nd car, any idea
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