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  1. Hi, Outcome of visit to Toyota dealers. They found that all suspension was OK with no shocker leaks. However the tyre pressures were 36 all round, which just shows how inaccurate shell garage air pumps are. Reduced to 33 lb and this has improved the ride and I suspect I'm getting used to it now!
  2. Hi and thanks for all the advice. It is a ex reps double glazing car with 105k on the clock. Service history shows a couple of instances where tyres have been replaced due to eggs being found. I am running the tyres on 34 psi which I believe is correct, according to the shell service station machine. The tyres are Falken which I understand is a budget brand. It could just be that I have spring problems, however the handling is fine. I have it booked for a test drive on Monday with the local Toyota dealer. I'll let you all know how I get on.
  3. Hi, I have owned a 2014 110k Auris Sport estate for about a month now. Ex reps car. The ride appears to be getting harsher and I can feel even the slightest bump in the road. All the 16" alloys are OK and tyre pressures are at 34lb as recommended. I can't trace any real complaints about ride quality online, but is this a design trait, or are the shocks nackered?
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