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  1. steering column system was all broken,toyota replaced all ,new now.
  2. yes,on my one its same,i changed brightness and contrast a bit higher and looks a bit better . 👍
  3. If very carefully,slowly driving then ,yes,can be 60 mpg, but use a bit faster at town,just push to GO !!! then is 35 - 41 mpg, but this is justnormal.
  4. yes,when im driving normal now does not push too much pedal then showing 62.8 mpg, when pushing more,it goes from 41 - 35 mpg ,but i think its just normal,if you want to get speed up ! 👍 and for weird sounding need to wait cold weather !!! 😉
  5. Hi,repair servicing is finished now,but i dont know,last what toyota guy said,this is just normal if on hybrid could engine starts like tumble dryer. 🤣 ?
  6. no any smell of petrol. can be sensor broken .yapp.
  7. yapp.when the hot engine then no more this rubbish empty bucket sound,feels like its some thing - like starter for petrol engine,starting with weird noise.
  8. Thank you ,will try the best as i can ! i got appoitmennt to look up about cold engine starts like empty bucket ,clack click cluck and more fun sounds ,so weird 🙂 this is not normal,car still under factory warranty,i love to drive with and must be fixed.
  9. thanks a lots for great explanation. but i'm driving long journeys to and get the best about 41 miles per gallon. 😞 so my experience is nice driving with normal car,but there is something wrong. im soon getting servicing under warranty. i hope something will be fixed.
  10. nice to say to others when your self have no problems, bla bla bla, i had previously yaris , with 1.3 vvti petrol and drived 400 miles from 40 L tank. SO ? how do you think,i am so happy now ? this is not racing car !!! like im said,there is defenitelly something wrong , engine starts from cold with massive clicking sounds.
  11. yes,it was empty and manag put in 36 L , then reserved must be 9 L,, engine starts from cold with massive clicking sounds, so weird.
  12. yo. today is very hot outside. must start immediately normal way. +20 air temp. today
  13. yapp,you are wright, today drived from work and took a photo ,this is not fun for me. i just bought this car from arnold clark toyota aberdeen. 11000 pounds on finance. 😞
  14. sorry,did you read what i said ? with full tank managed only 270 miles.this is ridiculous. today filled full tank,on dashboard showing usage,18 miles per gallon. wow. nice 😞
  15. Hello. Fuel consumption is to high ! very high ! hybrid meaning !!! on dashboard showed when petrol was full to can drive 576 miles,but managed only 270 miles. ?
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