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  1. This has to be the most elegant solution of all. No modding or disturbance of the valves, and provides what Toyota should have done in the first place. Not sure about keeping the originals though; some of us don’t have the storage - or the memory. I’d keep a careful note of the supplier too, in case a duplicate is ever needed.
  2. Before alloys were commonplace, I lost a few plastic trims and so always used cable-ties (or left the steel bare). Ties have to be cut off and renewed every time. Wheel trims are often absolutely filthy. They can be tricky/stiff to remove or refit, sometimes needing a tool which might be buried in the boot with the spare. The more they are disturbed the clips break, the retaining ring weld fractures, and those with metal clips lose them. Who wants a dirty, sometimes awkward extra job which shouldn’t be necessary?
  3. Sounds good, and the ones you link to are threaded (rather than the more commonly ribbed) so would accept a screw-on connector, like many foot pumps, compressors and foam kits, as well as a push-on. However the ones I tried did not work well on the Aygo. Air leaked when pumping up.
  4. For a design to function to basic safety standards, I think we’re in the realm of competence rather than perfection.
  5. This isn’t an annoying quirky feature. It’s a safety-critical design fault. It prevents the ability to routinely check tyre pressures at recommended intervals without considerable inconvenience. I have pointed it out to three departments at Toyota, whose response amounted to yours: ‘Get used to it’. Was the reason you removed the words ‘can’t check tyre pressures’ from this thread’s title something to do with this site not being as independent as I thought?
  6. Exactly. Which makes the solution, as I suggested above, “… not making stupid design errors in the first place”.
  7. How does the buyer know which design faults to avoid when specifying their Aygo? Does the dealer point them out?
  8. Yes, it’s common. People above report the same problem with this and related models. You illustrate how this simple design error compromises your safety. The same goes for the users of my Aygo, who are neither technically-minded nor physically adept. It’s dangerous, it’s negligent and it’s not good enough. Suggestions above include valve extensions, longer valves, cutting down the hub caps or using connector adaptors. Maybe replacing with different hubcaps. Or not making stupid design errors in the first place. Or not buying an Aygo. The only foolproof solution would be the last one.
  9. Well spotted, thanks. Not quite ideal, as they have ribbed rather than threaded ends. That means a screw-on connector (like some portable compressors you might carry in case of an emergency) would be back to square one. However I bought set anyway, as they’re Made in England new-old-stock and you don’t see that very often. The modern ones I posted about above, on 5 July 2021, didn’t work, so if I ever tried again these might be better. On the subject of threads, also mentioned above is a thread-to-push-on converter. And I have a Ring rechargeable compressor with a long screw-on collar which looks easier to connect. I haven’t tried either on the offending Aygo yet, though.
  10. I’m sure you’re right, and would reduce the number of caps I’ve lost when dropped into the wheel rim while trying to grip them in a space too narrow for more than one fingertip. At the moment I’m using 20mm extended plastic caps, which are intended as valve extensions but can just be used as caps.
  11. Not really. The issue isn’t getting a line to the vicinity of valve. It’s getting the connector onto the valve when the hubcap design offers too little space to do so. Connectors on the track pumps I’ve seen seem no different in this respect.
  12. It’s a family member’s car. I look after its maintenance for them, including checking the tyre pressures. I hardly ever see the car on weekdays during opening hours though, otherwise I’d have called into a tyre depot for advice before now.
  13. The wheel trims in TotallyToto’s profile picture are different to the ones I have, to which this thread refers. Totally doesn’t actually say they have trouble with theirs. I wonder if that’s what they meant? Here’s a photo of mine, which appear to have a much more restricted valve aperture than yours and Totally’s.
  14. No. Please see the July 5th post on page 1 of this thread for explanation.
  15. Just seen these - Inflator Connector Adaptor Brass 8mm (not been mentioned by anyone yet). They look as though they would take both a screw-on and a push-on connector, before being clipped onto the too-short Aygo valve. I’m ordering one to try out, before I resort to changing the valves. They might just fit within the too-small Aygo hubcap aperture (what a ridiculous design fault).
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