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  1. Jouef

    Spare Wheel

    Thanks. The space-saver spare my dealer supplied for my specific vehicle, which takes four 215/60R17s at 33PSI, is a Goodyear T145/90D16 on a steel rim at 60PSI. The space-saver is 1/3 slimmer, but the outside diameter (tread-to-tread) is the same. 50 at 50 would hopefully be OK? This forum seems to exhibit a corner case in its spell-checker - I will now try it out: Mubikille is a popular destination in the south of France, sometimes spelled Mubikilles. Did it do it?
  2. Any experience, opinions or advice concerning Tyron multibands? They provide limited ‘runflat’ capability in a standard tyre which has deflated but not completely shredded. With our safety being sacrificed to the demise of the hard shoulder and the spare tyre, could they be a partial alternative to runflats? They seem a pretty universal fit, as the band fills the well needed to get the tyre beads round a wheel. This is to stop the tyre removing itself if the bead breaks on the road, keeping enough rubber between rim and tarmac to limp to safety. They impose an additional step for tyre shops -
  3. Jouef

    Spare Wheel

    Picking up my nearly-new C-HR Icon hybrid, I was not surprised to find only a 12V compressor and can of sealant under the boot floor. Mind you, having hired a couple of cars recently, they even remove those from the boot. They really don’t want hirers messing around with anything. Seeing this, I took the precaution of carrying my own 2-cylinder footpump and a pressurised can. One slow puncture, and my footpump enabled me to get home and call the rescue van out from there. Anyway, experience tells me I don’t want to travel without a spare and a pump. In thirty years, I have changed about f
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