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  1. Yes I have seen that link. The engine I have isn't burning oil though, Just coolant.
  2. Hi all. I am new to this forum and thought I would ask a few questions. Firstly I have a Rav 4 T180 2AD-FHV 2006 (yes I know it was a recall car but I got it a few year ago as third owner). Idles at 1500 RPM, very little to no acceleration until you reached 2500RPM, to the point where it actually dies off on slight hills or pulling away from a stand still if you aren't in the 2500+ "power band". Recently experienced over pressuring of the coolant system (would blow out the top of the expansion tank), I replaced the cap with a known good one and it did exactly the same. A "snif
  3. I thought the T180 was the FHV variant of the engine. Ive got an 06 T180 and that's got the FHV not the FTV Diesel engine. The FTV and FHV are not interchangable with out having new wiring harness, injectors etc...
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