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  1. Courtesy of the bin man now I have a few scratches on the front passenger’s door… One of the smart repairers quoted me £404 , but no way I’ll pay that. Anyone know of a good scratch remover product? I’m aware that is not going to look like new, but at least make it look better….
  2. I got my Toyota OEM spare tire kit and dash cam fitted by the dealer before the vehicle was delivered to me so i wouldn't consider this as a modification. Same goes for different levels of trim, should we inform the insurers we got heated leather seats or sun roof etc?
  3. That's the best i got out of my HEV on a journey to work in busy Central London...
  4. For which they should offer a discount.
  5. I gave them another call, they said it will be sorted by the end of the month. Let’s wait and see…
  6. Got my first service last week and it wouldn’t show in MyT app or online, only the hybrid health check… Couple of calls to the stealer later it shows as “repair” rather than service . Anyone have the same problem?
  7. Shootgun

    1st Service

    Not bad, in and out, saved me £20 and half an hour time at the local car wash...
  8. That's very true, i had my 1st service Friday, and al 4 tyres have a 7mm thread remaining, so no point in swapping back to front. Mine is AWD i might add...
  9. Shootgun

    1st Service

    I'll leave it till Monday and if it doesn't show up, i'll call the stealer... At least they have stamped the service book and washed the car....
  10. Shootgun

    1st Service

    I had my 1st service yesterday, but wouldn't appear on MyT app, only the hybrid health check . Should i call the dealer or give it a couple of days?
  11. Mine is badged too...
  12. I had the F800 pro on my Land Rover (which is an older model ) and is absolutely 100 times better than the Toyota supplied one, of which i'm already at the second one, due to repeated malfunctions... I won't touch Nextbase with a barge pole from now on.
  13. Mine came fitted with Toyo Proxes as well. Took it off road Friday on a wet grass field uphill , and with the trail activated it didn't missed a beat...
  14. The model in question is made in Italy and is EU approved. I will call my insurance company and see what they got to say... I'll rather pay a bit extra than having the car trashed by a fallow deer on a country lane.
  15. The seller states is EC approved. I would imagine it shouldn't be any increase in premium, as is a protection element? Also is a direct fit, no drilling required.
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