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  1. It maybe worth trying it again in a few hours time. It may take a while to appear. The first map update didn't show in the estore, but the 2022 update did. If it's connected to the Wifi you should be able to find the 'update map' option in the menu. I think it's part of the 'online' section and not the 'software' section that you would think it would be under.
  2. You should be able to update the maps via the unit itself. Connect the sat nav to your wifi and select the 'online' section in settings (I think) and log into your My Toyota account, that should then link the Sat Nav ect. For some reason it doesn't show in the old estore like previous Sat Nav's. I have a feeling that if you download the My T phone app it guides you though activating the connected services etc (I'm surprised the dealer didn't do that, as they are supposed to)
  3. Does anyone know the difference between an update done via Wifi on the Sat Nav itself vs one downloaded to USB. The reason for asking is when I did a Map update via Wifi in the car the update was only around 200mb in size and took 15 min max. However when downloaded from the web it's about 1.2Gb in size and the update took nearly 2 hours. Does the download from the web include more than just the map update?
  4. I completely forgot to reply, yes thank you everyone it was speed camera warnings from the sat nav. I think what threw me is that sometimes I would get the alert and another time not. I figured out that if you have a route set which avoids the upcoming speed camera you don't get the warning, but without a route set the car will give the warning as I suppose it doesn't know that you will turn off the road. I've got used to the beeps now and they don't make me jump as much now πŸ™‚
  5. I'm not sure if anyone would be able to help, I'm just a little confused. My Prius Excel has the MM19 multimedia unit with Android and Apple Car functions (which I've not actually used, as it then expects all the music to stream from the phone instead). What I'm puzzled about is Hybrid Coaching isn't a feature in the MyT app, but is for all other Hybrid cars with the MM19 unit. When I contacted Toyota on Twitter about this they replied that the Multimedia unit is older and not compatible. I'm not sure how true this answer could be as if it has the same MM19 unit as all other Hybrid cars which feature it why would it not be available as it feels more like a feature which needs to be added into the MyT app rather than something wrong with the Prius Multimedia system. I e-mailed the MyT app team ages ago and not had a single reply, I suspect they simply don't want to spend money on app development to simply add the code required for the feature?
  6. Maybe it is, the Ch-r never did it and that had speed alerts, but I suppose that was the earlier version of TSS. I don't think I take corners like a speed demon 🀨🀣
  7. I still haven't been able to work out what the two beeps are, though I have noticed it seems to happen sometimes as I'm going around a corner? Any ideas? I don't usually have internal sound recording turned on for my dashcam, but I may have to do that so I can send a snippet to the dealer and ask what it is. It's really bugging me as nothing displays on the dashboard (or has vanished by the time I look)
  8. I finally collected my Prius Excel on the 27th πŸ™‚ I'm 99% certain that I'm already getting far better mileage than the hybrid C-HR. Time will tell when I head up to our holiday home in Northumberland again next year. Any tips on getting used to the foot pedal parking brake again... so many times I have had to walk back and check as I've convinced myself I'd not put it on (100% of the time I have, but it doesn't stop the niggling feeling). Still trying to figure out a few things, 1. sometimes I get 2 quick beeps while driving. The dealer thinks it's speed camera alert, but I'm not sure. If I look at the dashboard I don't see anything obvious. 2. I also find it odd that although I have done a map update, the website doesn't show any update service active. Though it does at least tell me I have already purchased if I try to buy the Β£119 map update (is that really how much Toyota would want to charge for a single map update?) 3. I appear to have a Wifi hotspot in the car, but no manual explaining it. Even the dealer seemed surprised but the document they linked is for an older 3g unit So far I've not been able to get any internet access though it, maybe something being added to the MyT app soon. 4. No Hybrid coaching in the MyT app?
  9. I collect my Prius Excel tomorrow πŸ™‚ and services are already showing in my Toyota portal now that the dealer is getting the car ready. Something I've noticed that I can't find any mention of is something called 'wifi dashboard' If I click it gives various subscription options. Is this completely built in or something that I'm able to access and insert my own mobile sim card?
  10. It's Tyrol Silver. I'm certain my Prius a few years ago was also Tyrol Silver πŸ™‚ Went back to a Prius as having downsized to a Auris then CH-R having a son now we need to go back to something with a bit more space.
  11. I'm pleasantly surprised. MyT app suddenly updated to fill in all the steps and I'm collecting my Prius Excel from the dealership on Saturday :). I guess the MyT app just hasn't been updating correctly. The dealer did mention that someone who ordered a Prius with them only 2 weeks after me aren't expecting delivery until Jan 2022
  12. So the last update was that the order is now in 'build' phase and estimated the end of Nov. Checking my own MyT order tracking it still shows processing, so not sure that end of Nov is possible as I can't see it entering the build phase and it takes a good few weeks to ship from Japan. I'm starting to wonder if it gets into next year before delivery, do I hold off collection for the 22 plate.
  13. Well I ordered a Prius Excel back in May, should have arrived in September. Last update was November, but I'll be surprised as it's still not even started to be built yet and my dealer said that due to HGV driver shortages cars that arrive into the UK are sat in the docks for 3 to 4 weeks before they can even start to move them to the dealers. At this rate I'm wondering if I will get my car this year. At least the dealer covered the cost of my current car's MOT (on the basis that I should have had my new one, it's the first time in years I have had to have a car MOT).
  14. That's great. Thanks ☺️ Can't wait for my Prius to arrive.
  15. If you could please... I think the model hasn't changed much other than a few cosmetic changes inside. When I emailed the company they requested pictures from the passenger side.
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