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  1. Hello, I just noticed a knocking noise when moving the steering wheel very slightly. It only happens when the car is stationary or when making small adjustments in stop start traffic. I checked the tie rods but everything seems normal, no issues from the suspension either. Is this normal behaviour? It will only happen once then stop, then again after moving the wheel from my normal driving position after some time. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  2. fc919

    Loose rattle

    Hello, have you guys suffered from a rattle noise coming from the dash? It sounds like a loose bit of plastic or rock that moves around when going over bumps, around roundabouts, braking or accelerating quickly. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you
  3. fc919

    Brake discs

    Many thanks for your responses everyone. Apologies this is my first hybrid hence I'm still getting used to some of these things.
  4. fc919

    Brake discs

    I should add that the braking performance is not affected and there are no noises etc. Many thanks in advance.
  5. fc919

    Brake discs

    Hi, my c-hr is at 30k miles and I am a bit concerned about the condition of the brake discs. Please see the attached photo. During the vehicle healthy check toyota said they are fine but just rusty. The lines are not scores but rather high ridges. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi, no no not that at all. I appreciate the answers I got o of course and I've thanked everyone as well. I went on to Honest John because I was told there are quicker responses there.
  7. I think it's when the hill hold disengages and the car starts to move, the brake pads do get worn a bit. Same for adaptive cruise control, as the rear brakes may be used to slow it down(based on research on Volvos and VWs). Could there be any other reason for the rear pads to wear faster than the front ones?
  8. Cheers, yeah just wanted to confirm that. But is it really going to be that bad? I'm gonna get the rear pads replaced soon then stop using hill hold. Let's see how it goes.
  9. Hello, my 2018 C-HR hybrid is at 29.7k miles. During the 30k service, the dealer mentioned that my rear pads are at 5mm. The front ones are still 8mm. Having done some research online it looks like the rear pads may wear faster due to using the hill hold function or the auto electronic parking brake. Have any of you guys faced something similar? Just a bit confused as I thought the front ones would be the first to be worn out. Also when replacing the rear pads should I get the discs done as well? They seem fine with no significant wear or lip. Many thanks in advance for yo
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