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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to ask for a bit of help please. The auto roll-back mechanism in my Corolla TS's parcel shelf cover has given up on me. It would not roll back into its 'house'. I don't remember putting any heavy stuff on it but it is what it is now. The problem is it gets in the way as it does not retract. Any ideas how to fix it? Anyone had similar bad luck and managed to resolve it? Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!
  2. Cheers for the tip, no luck sadly, it was not in there.
  3. Thanks for the info and opinions guys. I went for a Toyota Approved car from a dealership to have the peace of mind that the car has all parts expected with the trim or at least the absence of something would be pointed out. I have not owned a Toyota Corolla or estate before but based on the pics, reviews and test drive it seemed a really good choice. And it really is a smart 'little' car. Only this piece appears to be missing. Perhaps I should have watched loads of videos just like TonyHSD, then I would have picked up that it was missing. Anyway, I called the dealership, but the dealer I dealt with was not in - fingers crossed for tomorrow. And Frosty, I get your point, but i did not put the boot full as it would be at home and check how much of it is visible. The retractable cover was up and I tested that it works. However it just did not occur to me that there would be another piece missing. As said, fingers crossed for tomorrow with the dealership. At least yesterday evening i found a nearby Corolla TS which has this part and saw in real life.
  4. Thanks guys for all the helpful responses, I will call the dealership to get me one of these, they indeed forgot to include or as a minimum forgot to highlight that it was missing. I just cannot justify spending £300 on a piece of badly designed plastic cover.
  5. That sadly is perfectly possible. Would you mind taking a pic of your shelf cover in place? I now wonder what I have been given from the dealership.
  6. Hello, Nope, what i mean is that when I pull out the rear parcel shelf cover, it slots into its place. However even at full length, i can easily see what is inside the boot when standing at the back/boot door, looking inside through the back window. What I am looking for is a solution to cover the contents of the boot so that it is not visible for anyone looking from the back window into the car.
  7. Hello everyone, Am a newbie in this forum, so please do let me know if this is a repeat question. I just bought a 19 reg Corolla hybrid Touring Sports and in the dealership i did not check how the rear parcel shelf cover 'covers' the contents of the boot when viewed from the boot door. I was shocked to see that about half of the contents is visible from the outside, which does not help. I am looking for a solution so that people cannot look into the back of the boot and see the contents of it. Has anyone figured out a solution for this? I am sure i am not the first one raising this problem. Thanks!
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