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  1. Hi All, I (fairly) recently impulse bought a Yaris T-Sport on Ebay after spending a while looking for a hot hatch for a friend (funny how that happens). I've not had a little hatchback for a fair while now and have been enjoying it, as a result I have regressed to being ~17 years old it would seem. I have documented this strange anomaly on YouTube (turns out this is an awful lot of work in itself!) feel free to check them out below 🙂 Channel Link :) There is a distinct progression I think from videos 1-4 so give me the benefit of the doubt if you do go for chronology!
  2. Hi all, I've ended up on this forum via google a few times in the past trying to find answers to a handful of queries since buying my "bargain" Yaris T-Sport. Thought it was finally time to join up! I've done a fair bit with the car so far (this may not be my first rodeo, but definitely my first in terms of Toyota ownership). I will share it in the relevant forum when I get a mo- or click the link in my sig for a bit more info 🙂 Thanks, Tom
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