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  1. All off them are analog. (I prefer analog devices where ever it is possible. Don't like to care about batteries, changing them,charging them, capacity lost etc.) I bought only one of them it was for 30€ This one I trust the most, according to spec it should be pretty precise. Another one of them is about 30 years old and to my surprise it's reading are as precise as the one I bought. The rest looks like some cheaper ones that you can buy at gas stations.
  2. I have 4 pressure gauges and out of curiosity I measured one tire with all of them. There was 5 psi ( 0,3 bar) difference between them. So under some circumstances, if one recommends you 2,6bar and someone else 2,3 bar they can be talking about the same pressure 🙂
  3. I can confirm that there are different pressures values in handbook and on the sticker. What is even more confusing, in handbook you have different tire pressure for tire type A and type B. I was trying to find what does it mean, since the handbook does not give any explanation but even Google didn't help. Any idea anybody?
  4. PS: the plastic attachment screws are sold separately ... and don't pay for the installation, all it takes is to push in 4 crews, no tool needed. ... And you can putt additional sound insulation at the top of the "carpet" if you want more sound deadening.
  5. Someone on our local forum asked Toyota importer why 1.6 petrol doesn't while 1.8 and 2.0 hybrid do have bonnet insulation and the answer was that 1.6 fulfills noise limits even without the insulation so they don't fit it in this model. But I was afraid that the heat from engine will sooner or later cause the paint on the bonnet to peel off, so I bought the one that is for 1.8 hybrid and it fitted without any hassle. Another side affect is that the keeps the engine warmer for longer time in winter.
  6. Not exactly what you asked for, but you can set the locks the way that on one remote press only driver's door is unlocked and on second all doors are unlocked. My setting is this way because I drive mostly alone and don't want all doors unlocked.
  7. Anybody any experiences with this lanoguard? Description on their website is promising.
  8. I have noticed that too, but I would rather choose weight saving carpet then paint 😀
  9. I checked my saloon and it looks ok. The surface under the doors has some dots like orange peel not so smooth like on the rest of the car but pearl white seems to be covering all the area.
  10. I am surprised to see this money/weight saving thing on "visible" areas I thought it was used only on areas that are covered by trim or carpets. Wonder If my car has it, will check in the evening.
  11. Imo, the rust in engine bay is strange. Looks like washed with something that cause corrosion.
  12. 2 weeks is nothing, connecting battery to charger is more then enough, the rest is waste of time.
  13. Is it not only some "metal dust" that comes from the dipstick rubbing against the wall of the tube that you put the dipstick in?
  14. I expected it to be worse 🙂 but who knows how it would look like without the refurbishment.
  15. That is my plan too, but one question - can Toyota alloy wheels be used in winter? I'm afraid that the salt won't let them last for too long. Currently I use alloy for summer and steel in winter.
  16. I have searched all possible impact areas and have not find anything yet. Hope I will not find some rusty surprise after some time 🙂
  17. I think that it is very unlikely that stone would left wheel arch and hit my own windscreen. One more thing came to my mind - it could be stone from wheel arch hitting the bottom of side mirror. It is made of hard plastic that could make similar sound like windscreen glass.
  18. Well, shot from airsoft gun against the windscreen should have sound like that 🙂
  19. It could have been a stone hitting some part of the wheel arch that is not covered with plastic shields. Stone hitting some metal part could have sound like that.
  20. I was driving while having a phone call with friend and then I heard quite loud sound like when rock hits the front windscreen, but there was no car in front of me and there was also no car driving in opposite direction. I have checked the windscreen and didn't find any chips or cracks. I have been thinking about it whole day. Could it have been caused by speakers being shocked with static electric? That is the only thing that could explain it.
  21. this noise level is measured outside of the car and does not necessary mean that the the tire will make less noise inside the car too.
  22. It's a pity, saloon may not be the most practical, but definitely is the most beautiful:-)
  23. If I remember right, it turns off the center square part of the display ( the part where actually the setting menu is) So you see only speed a revs and if you press the "ok" button it will appear again. But I can be wrong, tried it long time ago.
  24. Well, unless you have some light source - sun, street lamp etc. it looks like ordinary non pearl white. On sunny days and under the right angle it looks pretty good and I have found that summer sun and polarized sunglasses makes it look superb! It gets some silver blue shadows, hard to describe, you have to see it. But most of the time, it look just white to me and the pearl effect is hardly noticeable.
  25. That's what I do, my Corolla has about 20% better fuel economy then previous car, so I don't mind buying premium, still saving money.
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