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  1. Hi TonyHSD, Thanks for the reply, appreciate it! I've just checked the specs for the icon tech and it says that it has smart entry and auto up, down windows. I presume this is something different then?
  2. Ah thats great then, looking at the website it looks like it does have the smart entry system. Useful for me anyway! Yeah I can understand why people don't like the system, but my keys are always locked in a metal key box at night anyway. I've heard some right horror stories! Thanks Valvet--Glove for your info!
  3. Hi! Many Thanks for you both for the prompt replies! Its such a shame that a simple 2 minute job cannot be done at the factory...but I'll pop to one of the dealerships when I receive the car (its a company car) and see if I can be cheeky and ask them to do it. Regarding the keyless entry....is that not the same as the smart entry?
  4. Howdy! First post on here so try and be nice !! I've ordered a Corolla Icon Tech Sports Touring. I currently have a Vauxhall Insignia, and when I hold down the open button on the fob, all the windows go down, and also go up when the lock button is held down. What I would like to know is....Does this happen on the Icon Tech? Many Thanks in advance!
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