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  1. It also very poor software design by Toyota. My other car (Ford Focus) has two USB sockets. I can connect phone to one, and USB stick to the other. Their software happily plays music from USB stick while using Waze off my phone. Toyota also don't allow use of a USB hub - again, down to poor software/hardware design. This would have got around the one USB socket issue.
  2. I don't see how they can. Councils will have to spend millions relocating/putting in speed limit signs and cutting back trees/bushes. eg, on the business park I work on, there is a 15mph sign when you enter it, but no 30mph sign when you exit it. Clearly my Yaris moans for half a mile until I reach the next 30-40mph sign.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a firmware/system update which fixes the speed limit warning system. ie, where it seems to assume we use kph rather than mph for few miles. It's annoying when the HUD has a red 40 when I'm only doing 30 for example.
  4. Mine left the factory on May 7th - assuming yours was new too, you would have had a mail titled "My Toyota status update – left the factory" I had a lot of grief with mine (right plates wrong VIN). When I eventually got it back, I asked for it to be checked for updates and was told there were none. Nothing on the Toyota public recall page also.
  5. I find it really annoying that when you have Android Auto running, the steering wheel button does not activate the google mic like it does in my Ford Focus, but I noticed one other bizarre thing... The 'mic' button is on the left hand side of the screen. In my Focus, it is on the right hand side. If you have to ever touch it, you have to reach a lot further in the Yaris. I am wondering whether the car manufacturer has to set something different for RHD cars vs LHD cars. I can't see anything in AA settings so I'm wondering whether Toyota have it set wrong in the UK. Anyone have any other cars that they can shed further light with? (especially if you are not from UK)
  6. Interesting. I have the same issue with my Mk4 LE. tbh, I don't know if volume is different incoming vs outgoing, but have to set volume to max to hear anything.
  7. Does anyone know how to increase the volume of a phone call? I made one from the car for the first time and in order to hear the person I was taking to I had to turn the volume up to max. Other cars I've driven, I would have permanent hearing damage, but in my Yaris, at say 10-15 volume, I can hardly hear anything. It's supposed to have the "JBL® Premium Sound System with 8 Speakers" but so far, my experience of the sound is not great. Normally at central fade position or one back in other cars, I can hear sound from the back (like I'm in the middle of a 4 speaker setup). In the Yaris at default, I can only hear the front speakers, and only if I fade almost totally back can I hear the rears.
  8. If it's a new car, then you can't register the multimedia device in the app. That's for Nav versions only. The GR (with a pack) is the only new Yaris that has Nav capabilities built in. The app should give you things like Car Location and Hybrid Driver Score. If those don't work, the dealer has not activated them when they gave you the car (or if like me, gave you the wrong car)
  9. Agree with CPN. Speak to the person in charge. I just got a free service plan too + MOT too after my escapade with the wrong VIN to plate combo.
  10. Mine was built in May - so outside of that VIN range.
  11. I also had a look at the recall checker and none show for mine - but due to the mix-up, it may not be in the right state for me to verify. Basically my dealer got had two Launch Editions. One mine, one as a demonstrator. The put my plates on the demonstrator by mistake. A customer came in and wanted one, and instead of being told December for the next one off the line, they were sold the demonstrator (which wasn't yet registered). If they hadn't sold it, it would have been an easy fix - their demonstrator would have had a few extra miles. They are contacting the DVLA to get the Reg/VIN combination corrected and a new V5 issued. I'll have to sign all the paperwork again - forms/finance etc, as everything I signed is for the car that is still in their compound and not the car I've been driving.
  12. PM'd you. Although sounds interesting. Any details?
  13. They've just called me. Will PM you details. The issue is unreal and I don't want to post until it's resolved and I have my car back.
  14. The dealer is collecting my car tomorrow. They think they know what the issue is. We'll see.
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