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  1. Hi all here is my recent purchase a 1997 Toyota paseo 4.9kmiles, 1 owner, full service history. Im doing a full restoration, also planning on going turbo around 160hp. parts fitted so far. e11 g6 c60 6speed gearbox, 5kg 3e alloy flywheel with the 212mm clutch fitment, exedy low inertia paddle clutch 212mm, 4efte/sera power inlet, iridium ngk sparkplugs, engine earthing kit, kemso up rated fuel pump. also most fluids have been changed, dizzy cap and rotor arm, idle valve + freed off. if any body has any body kit parts (side skirts, bumper lips, bumpers, spoiler
  2. hello. ive just recently purchased a 1997 paseo si 5efe. as well ive been doing up and turboin a ep91 uk 4efe starlet. ive recently measured the cams. the ep91 4efe has lower valve lift on the inlet cam these measured 40.5mm cam profile. The 5efe inlet measured 41.5mm cam profile, the same as the 4efte jdm ep82 and ep91 at 41.5mm. ive only been on the toyota e series engine for a little over a year now. it appears this isn't common knowledge.
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