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  1. So we can only discuss what is decided by admin.? Seems to go against the purpose of a forum "a situation or meeting in which people can talk about a problem or matter especially of public interest: Dictionary definition. Goodbye.
  2. Just made a 70 mile round trip to Birmingham. No motorways just mostly B roads. Computer shows 54 mpg. Fuel gauge is only a needles width off full. Tomorrow will be mostly 70 mph dual carriageway. Be interesting to see what it reads after that run
  3. You please yourself. I am fed up having to argue with you
  4. Not only that But the same cars in other countries are more fully equiped. So why does Britain get the worst deals
  5. The power source is beside the point. If you think the hybrid set up justifies the price. I hate to think what fully electric cars will cost once diesel and petrol ones are banned from production.
  6. I have a Blackvue camera under the rearview mirror. Why does anyone need a screen on a dash cam? Look where you are going. Its the same view as the camera. The only time you need to see what the camera is recording is if you are involved in an accident. Then remove the sim card and download onto your PC or tablet. Or connect your smart phone to the Blackvue by wifi. A cheaper option is an Amacam that has a tiny screen if you think you need one. That also has wifi.
  7. Toyota are too tight fisted to fit heated steering in a 2021 2.0 GR. Not tried the heated seats as yet.
  8. To stop this happening. Have Alloygators fitted. Stops you touch the kerb with your wheels. £85 DIY or around £140 via a fitter. I have used them on several cars. You can buy and replace them singly if you damage one. Darn sight cheaper than a wheel repair or worse a new wheel.
  9. My 2021 2.0 GR has only done 98 miles so far. Mixed driving, and showing 50.1 mpg on the display. I will wait until I have to fill up to the neck again before I calculate the real MPG. As for the USB and power sockets. Pathetic. My 2018 Tucson had several of both and a far better multimedia display. But the car drives very well as cars go. Would be a lot better on 17 inch wheels though. 18 inch are purely posers rims and do nothing for the ride or handling
  10. I tried to lock the doors manually using the lock button. Didnt do a thing. I now lock the doors using the key when I am in the car
  11. I couldnt find anything about key settings BUT today I was sat fiddling with the main display and in Settings/ Vehicle Settings there is the facility to switch the one press or 2 presses on and off. So one problem solved. Now I need the auto door lock to be set up. I tried to manually lock the doors when I pulled away but nothing happened. Being in a car with the doors unlocked is a major security situation. I had it happen to me once. I stopped at a junction and a hitch hiker opened by passenger door and was about to get in until I showed him the windscreen smashing tool that I carry in case of being trapped in a crash. It was enough to deter him. Since then I have always kept all my doors locked
  12. Found out by messing about. You can configure the key to unlock only the drivers door with one click. It;s in settings/Vehicle settings. But no option to auto lock. Still hopefully the techies will do that. OK so I did about 70 miles this afternoon. Very nice car to drive, Road holding and steering are first class. It would be a lot better on 17 inch wheels with bigger profile tyres. The tyre noise spoils what is otherwise a very nice drive. The other thing I find I dislike is the dash display. Even on the brightest setting it dims as soon as you start the car and is all but impossible to see. Have yet to see if there is anyway of changing this. Is there a night setting that I have yet to find that could be the culprit ? It returned a respectable 50 mpg Mostly on B roads with a few small villages. I am not disappointed in that at all.
  13. Found it thanks. Tyre pressures were spot on. I am a Ryobi nut and the Ryobi tyre pump is brilliant No wires to plug in. I hate wires.
  14. Sorted 33 and 31 they are spot on 🙂
  15. The car does have push button start. The smart entry doesnt bother me. Anything that dispenses with wires get my full support. Trying to figure out the tyre pressures is the next issue. Does anyone understand the door pillar sticker? With one of the numbers are PSI
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