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  1. Turning off the AC doesn't really help.. I thought it did the first time but it was coincidental.. Haven't done any checks yet, thought i would get as much info as possible prior to checking. I'll give it a try and let you know!! Thanks for the replies, really appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the reply! The issue appeared for the first time a few weeks ago, while the car was started but idle for quite some time with air con and radio on. Once i put it on Drive, and pressed the gas pedal i first experienced this issue. Even though i was pressing the pedal, RPMs were going up and down but the car wasn't accelerating as normal. The next day all was well.. then a few days passed by and i experienced the same thing but in a milder manner, i.e. vibration was only felt on idle/stop lights while D drive on. Then, two days ago the car was acting up again with high
  3. hi all, I have a 2009 Jap. Toyota Auris (automatic) and the issue i'm facing is that on acceleration it vibrates really badly (entire car shakes) and doesn't accelerate as expected, especially if i push the gas pedal hard. Usually this hard vibration goes away once i reach around 60-70kmh. Other issue is when i'm on a stoplight it also vibrates but a bit more gently. Any ideas as to what's causing this would be much appreciated!!
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