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  1. Panic over!!! It was still in the old key, the bit I threw was what I thought it was, the old round bit of the fob button that had come out. Car starts perfect now!
  2. Argh! That will be exactly it. I saw this and assumed it was something damaged off the old case so have a feeling I may have chucked it in the recycling which has now gone! What are my options if Ive lost it? Going to have a hunt in the dark now to see if I can find it
  3. So we recently bought an 07 Aygo mk1 petrol. Only had it a few days and it runs well, it started no problem this morning and a few of the things I've done today are:- Replace wing mirror; shouldn't have affected anything Please key fob battery and case - This is what I'm suspecting! Topped up the oil from min to just below max The key fob still locks and unlocks the doors on the buttons but I cant get the car to start, it just turns over but wont fire. I've checked the battery and that is good, 12.4v 10.5 when turning over, I then tried jumping it just fo
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