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  1. It will be my pride and joy....one day
  2. Well 2 people want to buy it off me with the intention of making it into a 3sgte 4wd monster....so it might be back on the road one day
  3. Well this has reached its final chapter. An out of control girl side swiped me a few weeks ago. The car has been written off today, awaiting valuation, I dont expect i`ll get much. The only saving grace is that no nice bits were fitted.......keep hold of them....just in case. As far as Corollas go this is the end of the line for me...time to try something different. Thanks for all the help and advice over the year or so of ownership....its been highly appreciated. Keep it shiny side up. Nial
  4. The nearest my Corolla WRC gets to the real Rally WRCs is the shape and the fact its a Corolla (unfortunately)..otherwise beyond the bodykit and suspension its just a bog standard Corolla....its only FWD which is why its so bad at going anywhere in the snow...blasted thing
  5. I`m getting pig sick of getting stuck in the snow in my 98 Corolla (Its **** in the snow & I`m missing the GT4) I am getting some snow tyres for the duration.....Verdistein Snowtrak 3 get good reviews, but the nearest size to mine is 195/55/16....my current size is 205/45/16...it works out about 5% difference with a diameter 30mm bigger than current. Will this adversely effect the car in any way or dosnt it really matter? Other than the speedo being out but I dont care about that.
  6. I`m looking for 2x 15" alloys for a 98 Corolla ae111....any condition, any colour as long as they are straight. Many thanks Nial
  7. Look in the motorbike stores, they sell something to remove the bluing from bike exhausts, dont know if it will work but its worth a shot
  8. I`m after a functional water pump, the bearing in mine squeaks like a bugger. Many thanks.
  9. Those are the guys that dont answer the phone or e-mails...shame really as they have a good price.
  10. Actually that site is a new one for me...thanks it was the booster tuning kit I was after, now lets see if they answer the phone or reply to E-mails.
  11. I`m looking around for the wide arch kit for the Corolla AE111 and a lamp pod as well, there is only one site on the net that I can fond that sells them and they never answer the phone, reply to E-mails or anything. The Lamp pod is the most important bit...does anyone know where to get such things from? Many thanks Nial
  12. All the usual car stuff. Cant think of any real problems with My Corolla apart from an annoying rattly heat shield above the CAT and a very slight oil leak on the front left of the rocker cover. If your new to car buying I can write a general car buyers guide if there isnt one hear already, if your not then you`ll know what to look out for.
  13. Thanks for the offer 4afte but the manifold it has is fine, got plenty of heat wrap, which will be sorted this weekend :)
  14. I Think I have changed my mind, I am unlikely to ever come across a car like this one again, with its history it probably the only one....maybe. So I will be keeping it.....painted the engine last week, next i`ll be removing all the little rust spots in the engine bay, the front bumper needs a respray so thats on the list. After that I`ll be on the look out for a wrecked corolla with a dark interior. Does anyone know which models of the Corolla cam with the dark interior???? I cant take the tepid grey interior any more. Not sure there will be any engine mods...I might one day shove a 20v in there, but i doubt it.
  15. Bloke at work had his brand new Seat stolen from his house the day he bought it home..they broke in and took the keys, they found the car 80 miles away in Leeds....near my girlfriends house of all places. Had an old car broken into years ago, they stole nothing but i found a !Removed! asleep on the back seats. Had my GT4 vandalised about 5 times now and two attempted break ins...scum.
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