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  1. True, but it also wouldn't be any harm to have them on all the time either, even when the handbrake is on, and somewhere there's going to have to be some extra circuitry to provide that interlock, one more thing to go wrong.
  2. Thanks everybody, I'm not sure I understand the logic of turning off the DRL's when the handbrake is on to be honest., although I remember now that my car, a Kia Niro, does the same. Also had a look at the bulbs and the ones in the sidelight part of the cluster seem to be dual filament, the same as the ones used in brake lights, presumably with the brighter of the two for the DRLs and the other for the sidelights.
  3. Ah, yes, stupid me!!! It was the handbrake being on that was the issue 🙂 Thanks!!
  4. So, my wife's Yaris Hybrid is due it's first NCT (Irish equivalent to the UK's MOT) soon, so I've just done a quick all round light check to save any embarrassment on the day, and I've discovered the DRL's don't work. A bit of background ... it's an Irish spec Yaris Hybrid, registered at start of 2018. It has no Auto lights, despite the manual showing this as the only option, and as far as I can make out has no LED strip anywhere in the headlight cluster, so assume it would use either the sidelight or fog light bulbs as DRL's. I've opened up the fuse box in the engine compartment and there is a DRL fuse, which tests OK, and a DRL relay. If I take the relay out and turn on the ignition. there's no voltage detected across the relay coil terminals 1 and 2. The relay coil itself is not open circuit, so I assume it's working correctly. Any ideas? Is there anything in the vehicle settings, or could it have been coded out somehow?
  5. Everything working fine now, many thanks flash22!
  6. Ok, I think I get it now, will experiment later and report back. PM received with thanks :)
  7. Hi guys, new user here from Ireland. My wife has just bought a new (second-hand!) 2018 Yaris Hybrid, and we've been playing around with the head unit which as far as I can tell is a Touch 2 (without the SatNav). Two things that I can't find the answer to in the useless manual which seems to list every kind of head unit apart from the one that's actually fitted are ... 1) If I plug in a USB stick with music on it, it starts playing the first track of a random album, but I can't see any list of the music available, either by Artist, Album, Song or Genre, the list is just empty. If you skip to the next track it carries on until it gets to the end of the album and then skips to a new, seemingly random, one. All files are tagged correctly with MP3Tag and work fine on my car (Kia Niro). There's also no album art, but I see from reading through this thread that seems to be a common issue. 2) I can't for the life of me figure out how to tune in the FM radio frequencies, again the manual is useless for this. Or does it, like my old Nissan, do it "automatically" in the background? Model ID: 13TXDAEU-CA04, Software Version: HE3945 Is this the latest, and if not can anyone point me to a newer version, and does it address any of the issues with USB music? Thanks a lot!
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