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  1. Do you know this £1,500 range is slightly excessive! Maybe I’m just cheap but I thought they should be going for around £1,000 or under! If I was looking in the £1,500 + range I’d consider an LS400 over a Camry. White one looks interesting but it’s an estate...
  2. There is a blue V6 that looks clean, gentleman stated someone was looking today. They’re reliable and dependable cars and given the cheap classic insurance and fixed TAX they really are bargains for commuters even if the MPG isn’t great; still cheaper than a £20k new car!
  3. Hi all, Interested in purchasing a Toyota Camry 2.2L or 3.0L 1997-2001 or 2002-2006. My rationale behind this is just having it as a commuter. I don’t want to pay thousands for it and am ideally looking for someone who has a form of emotional attachment to theirs who wants to see it go on for another 100,000 miles + - I look after my cars and service them yearly; I’m not into any modifications, so if you have mods that’s not my cup of tea. I currently have a 2003 Lexus GS300 with 90,000 on her and I will be switching between the two for my commute. I have a weird compulsion of
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