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  1. Just for posterity, flash22 hit me up with the part number which is 90950-01944 and is described as a "plug hole" or "outer rocker panel plug". Odd names!
  2. They're circular - grommets is probably a better word for them than plugs - and there and are about 8 each side of the car along the outer sills. It's a 2002 1.3 VVT-i Petrol w/ automatic transmission. I believe it's Japanese built with a 2NZ-FE engine.
  3. Evening all, I'm doing a bit of sill repair work on a MK1 Yaris and am looking to replace a few of the drain plugs that run along both sills but I can't for the life of me find any online. I can only imagine I'm calling them the wrong thing when searching. Does anyone know what their proper name is and where I can order a handful from?
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