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  1. Afternoon guys , anyone know when you use your phones wifi hotspot do you have to enter the code every time you restart the car ?
  2. Got my Toyota Rav 4 last Thursday , it says my Connected services are now active , BUT where are they ? Im i missing something the handbook isn't much help what so ever , the car is a 2021 Rav 4 Dynamic 👍 PS be gentle
  3. Picked mine up Thursday , really enjoying the car ive never been a fan of CVT but toyota ECVT is a total different animal love it smooth. the Entertainment system is a bit outdated but does everything I need it to do has Apple CarPlay but I usually play music through Bluetooth anyway There’s not really any negatives I know I’ve only had the car three days, after moving from a Merc a class the RAV4 It’s like being sat in an armchair 👍
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