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  1. Hi Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy! It's an Auris, as per the post.
  2. Hi, I recently brought some Halfords roof bars, and a box. Despite the instructions saying that these should fit a Toyota Auris they didn't! It was the staff which tried to fit them not me. I was extremely disappointed, as I don't intend to use them much and so don't wish to spend much money on them. Has anyone else got Halfords Roof fittings? Did you have the same problem? If not what type have you brought? I just wonder if the wrong fixtures were in the box.... I look forward to hearing from you.
  3. I am having it taken out tomorrow but I expect I wont get my money back
  4. Hi, It was done by a Toyota dealer on 4th May. The damn thing is driving me mad. It has gone off 6 x in the last hour!
  5. Hi, I am posting here as my Toyota dealership doesn't seem to know how to deal with the problem that I have. I have a second hand Toyota Auris 2018, with 5200 miles on the clock. When I brought it, on advice from my seller, I had a catlock and a tilt sensor fitted. Since then either the tilt sensor or the tilt alarm goes off spontaneously (I am not sure which one is causing the problem). When they did the work I was only given information about the catlock and not the tilt alarm. I have no idea what it would sound like when it goes off. I have no instructions or paperwork relating to this alarm. I went in today and was given advice which doesn't fit. They claim that the tilt alarm must be the cause of the problem as I have to get into the car and start it, to turn it off. However, I can see from the instruction booklet for the car, that it seems the burglar alarm might need either to be turned off by pressing the key, or it might need me to start the engine. Any way, the alarm is sometimes going off repeatedly at night!!! Needless to say, I am getting quite desperate (what must the neighbours think of this?!) as the dealership don't seem to have the knowledge to give me a helpful answer! I'd like to be able to disable it for good it is such a pain in the neck. I hope you will be able to give me some useful information, and look forward to hearing from you. Bec123
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