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  1. See my reply to a similar thread on this forum, issue is with default iMAC decompression tool......
  2. I had the same issue after downloading the ZIP file to my iMac and using the built in unzipping program, I found that if I used a third party decompression tool ("The Unarchiver" in my case - available from the apple App Store) it decompressed without any issues. Hope this helps.
  3. I've not reset my trip meter since March and I'm showing 61.2mpg, running on crossclimate 2's. (according to MyT app)
  4. Yes, I came to that conclusion also, looks like a black & decker type.
  5. Noted!... Karcher went faulty after being returned for my niece, who had borrowed it to clean her patio, and I suspect she had the motor running with no water running to the unit for some time, or air lock, so was running dry.
  6. My Karcher pressure wash has given up the ghost, despite me stripping it down & reassembling it! It was vibrating badly & low-pressure output. I found that a part of the cylinder head unit had come loose, but after replacing it has stopped the vibration but has poor output pressure. So looking around I think I've found a decent replacement in a Ferrex 2.4kw unit from Aldi. My only issue will be replacing my snow foam lance / bottle, does anyone know what fittings the Ferrex pressure washer use for a replacement snow foam lance?
  7. What about carrying one of these.... NOCO Boost GB40 jump starter? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015TKUPIC/?coliid=I3GKP0TYTHE0K8&colid=R5FPT5WLMLFH&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  8. I had a DAB issue with my nextbase dual camera set up previously with my Volvo V40, 90% fixed by re-routing cables as low as possible away from the roof & fitted ferrite cores at either end of the cables. Having learned my lesson with the Volvo when I switched to Toyota TS I used the same approach, running the cables from windscreen / mirror down the "A" pillar, back of glove box , footwell & into the 12v supply in arm rest. Rear camera is fed from front camera so same route down "A" pillar, down door seal, along behind the plastic front & back floor trim to the boot, then I put the cable behind the boot seal to the top centre of the rear screen, left a small loop of cable for movement when the tailgate is opened. So far 6 months on no DAB issues.
  9. I've just noticed that the last few trips taken in my corolla TS have not been recorded in the MyT app, but the vehicle is shown at the correct location? My vehicle is location is now showing parked 20miles from the end of it's last trip?
  10. today took longer 43min / 25ml - mostly motorway & dual carriageway route with long uphill stage..... 52.1mpg , returned non-motorway 58min 16ml route 83.1 mpg
  11. I've got a similar issue, if I move off I get a 2 tone beeps/chirps intermittently / random timing for about 15mins, I thought it may be speed limit warnings etc, but not related to speed limit or temperature. No warning on dash either. Strangely if I set off on a journey with my iphone plugged in & run apple CarPlay I do not get the sounds? 2020 Corolla TS
  12. Had mine on for a week now, you won't be disappointed , I find big improvement over the Falkens for noise. .... I did note that when I checked tyre pressure after kwikfit installation that they had over inflated them a bit..... no great issue, corrected using my digital pressure gauge .
  13. I'm in similar situation with only 11k on the falken's .... but saw offer today in Kwik Fit for 15% off for 4 Michelin tyres & bit the bullet. Worked out about £92 a wheel. discount code is MIKWIK
  14. decided to go with this....https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08S6VNRMB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ... seems to be a good fit & also covers about 80% of the front side windows.
  15. I've not had a car in my garage for 15yrs due to accumulated odds & sods 😭
  16. Any members have winter frost & snow windshield cover recommendations for 2020 corolla TS/HB ? Previously purchased this quilted one a few years ago & sadly no longer available & is used for my wife's audi. I didn't purchase a second one at the time as I had Volvo with heated screen. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07HF25Q19/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  17. The reason I got was they were to busy prepping new reg sales for delivery.
  18. My 11 month old Corolla TS had a TPWS warning light on & investigation found a small nail in one of the rear wheels causing a slow leak. Called the local Toyota agent where I bought it from to claim my free puncture repair (Arnold Clark , Bishopbriggs, Glasgow) . After a 3 hour wait on a call back from their service dept. I was told it would be Thursday next week before it could be done! I tried to explain that the car did not come with a spare for me to run about in..... their answer was get it fixed elsewhere .... Mod edit!
  19. Question arose after reading quote from ...https://mag.toyota.co.uk/how-does-tpms-work/ " What should happen if I replace any tyres? Direct: The condition and function of the TPMS valve and sensor assembly should be checked each time the tyres are replaced. This will involve a physical inspection and electronic diagnosis using a proprietary technology (example device in image below)"
  20. This winter I'm looking to fit Michelin CrossClimate+ to my 2020 Corolla TS & believe it has TPMS when sensors. My question is, am I now limited to tyre installers who can re calibrate the sensors after new tyres fitted?
  21. Have you tried .... https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eStore/2d7de30d-4dec-479d-be62-6b7879725bbf
  22. Can't say how the Michelin Cross Climates will perform on your Toyota, but I had them on my Volvo V40 prior to me changing to a Corolla HB/TS last week. Not much difference sound wise from the Michelin Primacy 3's. On the Volvo they where great, but during warmer weather ( +22c )you do feel it a bit soft, but living in Scotland that doesn't happen too often!...... The first winter I had them fitted it was the winter of the beast from the east! ... snow up to the sills...& they performed brilliantly.... although the V40 was only 2wd I was passing various 4x4's stuck in the snow on hills etc. Immediately fitted them to the wife's audi a3. I will be changing to them on the Corolla HB/TS before this winter.
  23. Looks like I'll be child minding 3 grandkids , 9 month, 3yr & 5yr old.... anyone manage to get 3 kids seats in the back of a corolla touring sports...... besides a Multimac system!
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