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  1. I've never tried to use the voice control on my Corolla before but when I tried to play a music track today, all I kept getting was the voice telling me 'no media device selected'. Anyone able to help or offer advice please?
  2. Mine's working better after the latest update but it still has the odd hic-cup now and again. As an example, today the app is showing the car as being unlocked but I can see it on the drive and it's definitely locked.
  3. As an update, I received the reply below from the Toyota Multi Media Team. This seems to be a time wasting exercise as they had all the trip details when I spoke to them on the phone. Can't say as I'm really impressed with them at all. Thank you for contacting us. I have looked into your query with our Support Team at Toyota Europe: They could see that the last trip received at our end on 4/7/2022, 8:36:09 PM and below are the respective locations of the trip: Trip start location : 53.364926 ,-1.279248 - Godfrey Gardens, Hardwick Ln, Aston, Sheffield S26 2BE, UK It was gone through - 53.324314,-1.281414 - M1, Harthill, Sheffield S26 7YJ, UK - 53.332644 -1.285259 - M1, Kiveton Park, Sheffield, UK Trip end location : 53.364926 ,-1.279248 - Godfrey Gardens, Hardwick Ln, Aston, Sheffield S26 2BE, UK Could you please confirm if you have taken a trip after 4/7/2022 or not. So, it would be helpful for us to investigate further. I look forward to your response and resolving your case.
  4. I got through to the Toyota Multi Media Team on the number below. Quite easy to deal with, listened to the problems and said they were having 'problems' and they would keep me updated. No calls back to date so I won't be holding my breath. Below is the reply I got from Toyota's social media people on their Facebook page. We'd recommend calling our team of Multimedia experts on 0344 701 6202. Thanks.
  5. I cleared the app database as Mike mentioned in his post above and it did update recent trips. Unfortunately it would appear this would need to be done after every trip as mine stopped working again after the first trip I made today. Quite a few hours later, MyT still shows as the 'Vehicle In Movement' and has not updated two further trips I made this morning. The other downside of course is that clearing the app cache also wipes out loads of other saved data too. I do hope Toyota cars are more reliable than their software.
  6. My online version shows the same as the app on my phone, nothing has been updated for weeks, still showing my car is parked about 40 miles away. There is also no record at all of any trips history, just states No trips for this car.
  7. It would appear that Toyota are aware of the problem and they've been getting calls from users for over a week. They did promise to keep me informed and hopefully they will.
  8. Still no updates on the 'trips'. Almost a week now. What a complete waste of time the MyT app is becoming.
  9. Done quite a few new journeys but still no updates in the MyT since Thursday. Not sure when the app itself was last updated.
  10. Although I've done a number of journeys in the last couple of days, I have had no trip updates since Thursday. I know this happens quite often but to me it seems to be getting more regular.
  11. I've always found with new cars, not just Toyotas, that the marks left by the suckers on the robots they use to put the windscreens in are really difficult to get rid of. Before my Corolla I has an Astra ST and the sucker marks on that screen were so bad the dealership sent the car out to a detailer to remove them. Nothing they had in the workshop even touched them.
  12. On your Home screen you should be able to see a photo of your car? The padlock should be below that and as Rob says, click on the padlock for the status of your car. Shows which, if any, doors are open.
  13. The MyT Home page shows a padlock type lock that is either in the open or closed positions. I think it shows up in red if the cars unlocked.
  14. The app does tell you if the car's locked or not but no option to remotely lock it which I agree is a great feature. Not sure why Toyota hasn't got this as the two lowly Astras I had before the Corolla had it.
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