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  1. Thanks for all the replies, really appreciated. Feel a bit more reassured now.
  2. Read a number of posts on here about catalytic converters being stolen and now, in my local paper a report of an Aygo converter being stolen while the owner was inside a supermarket (Chesterfield). The car was parked for less than half an hour. Being new to Toyota, I just wondered if they were a particular target?
  3. I'm afraid I'm on that list Roy. After many years in an Astra, my new Corolla has the filler on the opposite side of the car and going to the side of the pumps that I've never used before, everything seemed so strange although I guess they were identical.
  4. Derbyshire drivers queued for 'several' hours outside a petrol station without realising it was closed, police said. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-58721650
  5. Being new to the brand, I've just received an email from Toyota titled "Let's Get Personal". Are there any advantages to be gained by signing up to it or is it simply for their marketing purposes?
  6. For some reason, the two trips I did earlier today have not shown up in either the mobile or online versions of the MyT app. Anyone had or having similar problems?
  7. All sorted now Ian. Not sure what happened but the code that was initially showing on my screen changed for a different one, just the last few digits. I've entered these now and I'm just waiting to find the time to download the latest map update to a USB stick.
  8. I'll go with what Joe said. I was completely new to Toyota hybrids and automatics a few weeks ago and everyone on here has been really helpful.
  9. Thanks for the help Lawrence. Really appreciated.
  10. Just had a read of the Getting The Most From Your Hybrid page on the MyT app. One of the tips is to use the 'B' mode for more engine braking when going down long hills, this to save wear on the brakes. As Derbyshire has more than its fair share of these hills I was thinking of giving it a try and wondered if anyone else used the mode? The tips are a little unclear about changing from 'D' to 'B' when driving so please forgive the stupid question, is it as simple as moving the shift lever as you're moving? I'm new to automatics as you can guess.
  11. For the first time in years I now actually enjoy getting in the car and going out for a drive. Fuel economy is averaging in the high 50s at the minute and Derbyshire where I live is quite hilly so that's an added bonus.
  12. At the narrowest point, between the rear armrests, it measures 1255mm (49.4") That's for a 21 spec TS.
  13. Just heard back from the Toyota Connectivity team and they said: The steps to finding your request code is different for our new generation of multimedia systems, you need to follow: Setup > Online > Toyota Online > Map Update Hope this helps someone else with their map updates.
  14. No rude jokes please but I'd like a decent horn. I used the one in my Corolla yesterday for the first time and it sounds so tinny. Not at all what I was expecting from a thirty thousand pound car.
  15. Thanks for all the help Scott. Really appreciated.
  16. No activation code showing at all in the e-store Scott. The photo in my post above was generated via the e-store and at the bottom of the photo it says "Enter Request Code Here".
  17. Thanks Scott. The page I'm trying to get to is shown below. I followed and got the Request Code, entrered it as shown on the page but kept getting Code Not Recognised. Now I can't even find the System Information tab.
  18. Thanks for the help Scott, really appreciated. That was the stage I got to last time but the code I entered was "Not recognised" I sent the same code to Toyota Connectivity who tried and got the same results. As I mentioned they asked for a photo of the codes but I can't get back to the same page to take a photo. Entering Set Up>General, the last entry on the screen is called "Software Information" and this is just line after line of script that then goes into different languages as I scroll down.
  19. I found them with the help of a post on here originally. I then entered the Request Code to download the latest map update but for some reason the code wouldn't be accepted. I then got in touch with the Toyota Connectivity Team who also tried to enter code for me but they also failed. They've now asked me to take a photo of the screen showing the codes I sent them.
  20. No one able to help? I thought the codes were mentioned in one of the earlier map updating posts but I can't unfortunately find it now.
  21. I had a similar thing happen to my last two Astra Sports tourers, black trim around the doors. In my case it was caused by the spray on 'shine' used in car washes. The spray left grey spots that gradually got larger on the trims. The only thing that helped in my case was to wipe 303 Aerospace Protectant on the trims with one of the cheap pads the ladies use to remove make up.
  22. Can anyone please advise how to find the Device ID and the Request Code please? I've found these before and written them down but couldn't put the Req Code into MyT. I contacted the Toyota Connectivity Team to let them know my Req Code wasn't being accepted and after sending them a copy of the code, they're now asking that I take a shot of the Device ID and Req Code on the cars screen but after sitting in the car for 20 minutes, I can't remember how I got the codes in the first place. I thought it was Settings/General/ System Info but I can't even find System Info any longer.
  23. It is the buckle dropping to the floor that's causing the rattle. If that was a cost saving move, they must at least have saved a penny a car.
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