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  1. Tbh. When compared to my previous car, a 2.0 Octavia vRS TDI on a 2010 plate, also a four cylinder diesel I believe, the 2015 Toyota sounded like a tractor by comparison. I wasn't expecting range rover at all, i don't really think I indicated that I did, apologies if my post comes across that way. The Toyota was closer to a friend's old Land Rover Defender for sure and as such not for me. Each to their own.
  2. Firstly the example I looked at, at a main dealer, was a bit tatty lots of scuff marks on trim, even the headlining was marked. However the driving experience, for me, was not quite what I was expecting. It felt quite "agricultural" to me. The engine was also quite loud in terms of its intrusion into the cabin. It went well tho. Lots of pull. The cabin seemed to have a few rattles, creaks and squeaks also. I didn't expect a range rover level of refinement. But I expected better than I experienced. Maybe I was unlucky and saw a bad one.
  3. Have to say, after having a drive I have decided it's not for me. I'm sure they are nice cars. But definitely not what I expected or would be happy with on a daily basis. It was also much more "tatty" than the photos online would lead you to believe. Have to say a big thanks for all of the info tho.
  4. That's some excellent and informative info. Many thanks for sharing. Car buying is always a bit of a compromise I feel. Most of us do not have unlimited funds unfortunately. But I am looking forward to driving one tomorrow and it's a huge difference from anything I have ever owned. I actually work within the lighting industry but more commercial and residential. So understand colour temp and output of lamps somewhat. If I pull the trigger I will see how I fare with the standard lamps before doing anything. So, am i correct in saying the wing mirrors don't auto fold when locking the car?
  5. 😣 Not to worry, it's always a compromise when buying used especially I guess. How are the standard headlights? Good or worth upgrading the bulbs?
  6. One thing I have noticed, the one I'm looking at doesn't appear to have LED headlights? I thought Invincible trim was a good spec, can't see any mention of LED headlights anywhere on the listing from the dealership. 😕 Probably not a deal breaker, but I had xenon's on my Octavia, just assumed they wouldn't be standard halogen affair on a decent spec Toyota
  7. Is there an official ground clearance figure for the RAV 4? I think the Suzuki Vitara is 185mm
  8. Good bit of info. Thank you. Might be a silly question. But can you manually engage the all wheel drive or is it fully automatic? Any diff lock or hill descent control? Are they any use off road, for example sort tracks etc. Not any proper rough stuff.
  9. Hi Philip. Thanks for the info. It's a manual. I do a 65 mile round trip to work snd back every day. Mostly motorway and A roads. Generally sitting at 75-80 indicated. Sounds like it could be do able. After having an Octavia vRS TDI which seemed to always do high 40s and low 50s when calculated I just need to factor tie extra cost. But should be manageable. Never had a Toyota and never had an SUV or AWD vehicle. Was considering a Suzuki Vitara, newer but not the same class quality wise as the Toyota. Anything outstanding problem wise I should be aware of? Its a one
  10. Hi all. Looking to purchase a Rav 4 2.2 Invincible Diesel. Lovely looking car and loads of equipment. Kist wondering, am I likely to see 40mpg on a motorway commute of 30 miles? Or am I being unrealistic? Many thanks.
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