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  1. Thank you ! Yes I will be careful and now I have a bit more knowledge about transmission 🙂
  2. Hello, I'm sorry I published before introducing myself. I usually try do the things the right way. I'm Vanessa , French living in Holland. I've been driving my mum's Toyota Yaris for 20 years, she ended up giving it to me 6 years ago, to buy herself another Yaris ! The Yaris she gave me is automatic and was the last Japanese make to be sold in France in 2001, after this they produced in France. We love this car but it has no airco (my mum didn't see the use of it...she's crazy...and her new Yaris doesn't have it either..;she's triple crazy) But at least I have a Tape p
  3. Thank you I understand. I really thought my old Yaris was very much fuel efficient. I can drive 600 km with full tank. But indeed I drive 100 to 120 km. On my usual distances I don't lose much time actually (maybe 30 minutes more ) This is one of the reasons why I like that car so much. But it is not very comfy and has no airco. But it is not so much fuel efficient in town, that's true. (about 370 km for a full tank big difference with long distance but Yaris are good "routières" as we say in France..."roader " ?) I will definitely look into the hybrids or at least CVT/e-CVT cars.
  4. Ohhh how horrible ! But that's the point, I'm not buying an automatic car to drive manually ! But it seems that there is no full automatic Toyotas anymore. I mean the Toyota Auris hybrid I drove in Norway was really OK, going up and down the hill constantly. I bet no Norwegian would accept what you went through considering their landscapes !
  5. Thanks ! It's the first car I ever bought. The old Yaris is from my mum, so my experience is limited. I have an appointment with a Toyota dealer in The Hague (where I live) and he will look at it to possibly buy it from me. I bought it at a decent price, maybe I can even get what I spent or more. I hope so.
  6. Thank you for your quick answer. Booooh well, I just bought it and will have to get rid of it ... I'm so disappointed... 😕 but thanks, it just confirmed all I read about it...
  7. Hello everybody ! I am joining this conversation in 2021. Here is my story. I bought a Toyota Auris semi automatic (non hybrid) year 2011 just recently . I have had a Toyota Yaris for 20 years, never let me down. Anyway, I wanted something more comfy from the Toyota family. Ohhh my !!! I am learning by my mistakes. When I drive in town (under 50km/h in general) it's awful. I can feel the change of gears so strongly like it jerks like on a camel. I also did not realise that semi-automatic thing (why would you buy an automatic to change gears...never realised that
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