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  1. @eygo did the new horns need any mods to the wiring or use of different connectors?
  2. What make / model of horn did you fit? The standard (single) horn on the 2016 Auris is embarrassingly feeble. 😳 (Its a DENSO ND-012 disc type horn). I’ve had a look at mine through the grille. Is yours a pre-facelift? Or a post-facelift model?
  3. Yes, I’ve seen the hairdryer and ice scraper wrapped in a microfibre cloth method on YouTube. How good the WD-40 works until I try it I don’t know. I’m tempted….🤔
  4. The grey door mouldings look so much better against darker paint colours. 👍🏻 They just stand out like a sore thumb on pale silver.
  5. I had that happen on my last car. Took the mud flaps off. The grit and general road grime that was behind them had started abrading the paintwork. Corrosion eventually followed a few years after the mud flaps were removed. 🙄
  6. @mrpj I’m pretty sure these are just 3M double sided taped on, not clipped or drilled. I’ve been looking at side mouldings trim removal videos on YouTube. Applying heat from a hairdryer (or using the sun on a hot day as an alternative heat source) and then using fishing wire to cut through the 3M sticky backing seems to be the most effective method. Then goo removal cleaner similar, or even a 3M pinstripe eraser wheel in a cordless drill to remove the sticky residue, then buff and polish and hopefully it should look no different to the rest of the door paint. But as @Roy124 quite rig
  7. Mine is a hybrid so the 12V battery is in the boot, on the right hand side, behind a removable plastic trim panel. Yes @Mooly mine has a push fit vent pipe which goes down through the floor pan.
  8. Hi. I am trying to work out if the 12V battery fitted in my 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback is the original battery, or if it’s a replacement. The car will be 5 years old next month. From past experience, 12V batteries last around 5 years. The battery fitted in mine is a YUASA YBX3054 (12V 36AH) What 12V battery brand does everybody else have in their Auris hybrids? Looking at potential replacements there aren’t that many, given the batteries physical size and capacity, the choice seems to be somewhat limited.
  9. Mud Flaps: Good? Bad? Or Ugly? These are genuine Toyota mud flaps on my 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback with 17” alloy wheels and 225/45 R17 tyres. Note that the mud flaps are exactly the same width as the cross section of the tyre, and look well matched and neat when fitted. Discreet looking, but practical too. They certainly protect the door sills, but do they take away from the Auris’s looks? Or do they enhance it? Let me know below.
  10. @Catlover Mine can manage around 1.5 to 2 miles in EV mode on my daily commute before the ICE kicks in. The conditions have to be optimal though (e.g. hybrid battery charge, outside temperature, light traffic flow, flat road, 25-30mph constant speed, cruise control on). It’s surprising given the ideal conditions how far you can actually get in EV mode. And the last half mile from the main road down my cul-de-sac to my driveway is always in EV mode. Respect thy neighbour. 👍🏻
  11. Hi fellow Toyota owners 🙂 Now then, my Auris Excel hybrid hatchback came with the “Protection Pack” which its previous owner had fitted by their Toyota main dealer. I bought the car a month ago. Now, while the practicalities and levels of protection offered by the side mouldings are abundantly clear, they just make the car look a bit…..well, dated. What are your thoughts? A) Keep them on B) Remove them for a cleaner look Reply and cast your vote 🗳
  12. Hi. Which Toyota head unit do you have currently?
  13. Glad everything is (almost) working 100% for you now @Andrew B.
  14. My 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback does. One of a bank of three switches near the gear selector: EV mode ECO mode PWR mode
  15. Sounds like you will need a DAB antenna fitting to that new head-unit. A standard car co-ax cable and aerial will pick up FM and AM without an issue. It will not pickup DAB though. Totally different frequency range. I believe DAB aerials normally go around the windscreen too (well, they did on my old car anyway) and the one that’s normally on the roof is for FM / AM.
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